10 Facts About David Tennant You Probably Didn’t Know

David Tennant should return to Doctor Who as the Tenth Doctor, opposite Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, in the 60th Anniversary specials in 2023. Tennant, known for his spiky hair and cheeky smile, is a modern-era fan favorite for those that follow Doctor Who.

There are many interesting facts about the actor, such as where he got his stage name and who his stepfather is. Since his race Doctor Whohe has starred in a plethora of TV series, movies, and plays, in addition to revisiting Doctor Who.

He plays the Tenth Doctor in audio dramas

Split image of The Tenth Doctor from The Doctor Who Played By David Tennant In The Show And The Big Finish Audio Dramas

According Large finishing productions, Tennant reprises his role as the Tenth Doctor for their audio dramas. Tennant came to Big Finish in 2017 to reprise his role as Doctor, having left the on-screen role in 2010 and returning for the 50th anniversary in 2013.


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He has reunited with old companions such as Billie Piper and Catherine Tate in stories that recreate the mood of his TV episodes. He’s also crossed paths with River Song, classic-era doctors, and more recently reunited with Derek Jacobi’s War Master.

He acted with his son

Tennant stars alongside his eldest son, Ty, in the television series, Around the world in 80 days. While some of his other children have taken to playing, this is the first time he has played against one of them.

While Ty only had a small role as a gang leader in New York, perhaps this could give him bigger roles, both opposite his father and on his own. It creates a new dynamic for father and son who have never worked together professionally before.

500 miles

When Tennant’s original spins Doctor Who wrapped up, he and the rest of the cast and crew performed The publishers‘ ‘500 Miles’ song for the closing party of the Russell T. Davies era.

It’s a fun project showcasing Tennant’s bond with the rest of the cast and crew and illustrating the closeness between them behind the scenes. Tennant here has the ability to blunder and act stupid when he’s not representing the Doctor. The video shows how many people acted and worked behind the scenes during the Tennant era.

He worked with RTD before Doctor Who

David Tennant in Casanova

Tennant has worked with showrunner Davies before Doctor Who on casanova, portraying the younger version of the title role. This earlier role is very similar to Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, especially with the dramatic, cheekier moments and romances with women.

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Where the two roles differ is that Casanova is much more adult in the exploits he engages in, as well as the character being human rather than alien. It’s easy to see where Davies drew inspiration for Tennant’s portrayal of the Tenth Doctor.

He did Shakespeare with Catherine Tate

David Tennant in Much Ado About Nothing

In 2011, Tennant regained his Doctor Who co-star, Catherine Tate, in a production of Shakespeare A lot of noise for nothing.

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While Tennant and Tate personally share similar banter as seen in their Doctor Who roles, the two have a much more romantic dynamic than Benedick and Beatrice in A lot of noise for nothing than they did as the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. This allows them to play slightly different types of characters than they normally do and show off their comedic talents even more than on Doctor Who.

He does not know how to use the Internet

David Tennant in the podcast booth

Subway shared that according to his wife, Georgia, Tennant doesn’t know how the internet or social media works. While his wife is very active on social media, Tennant relies on her to post his selfies and other images on his Instagram.

Tennant’s lack of social media is very understandable. Celebrities are often overwhelmed by reviews from fans and critics alike, which dominates social media. Social media isn’t for everyone and that includes Tennant, by his own wife’s admission.

He was in Doctor Who before he played Doctor

David Tennant voiced Scream of the Shal

Tennant has voiced various characters in Doctor Who projects before playing the Doctor. With Great finishhe made various audio recordings related to Doctor Who and he also voiced Warehouseman in the animated TV miniseries Doctor Who: Cry of the Shalka.

It shows just how passionate Tennant is about Doctor Who, so many then that he sought out roles in the franchise before playing the Doctor. On Big Finish he played a variety of characters all different, some small and some much bigger like in the Dalek Empire series. Cry of the Shalka is particularly interesting in that it was conceived as a revival of Doctor Who before his return in 2005.

His stage name is inspired by the Pet Shop Boys

While on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Tennant revealed that his surname was a stage name he picked at age 16 while flipping through a music magazine and seeing The boys from the pet store, Neil Tennant, registered.

It shows how a small decision at a young age can affect the rest of a person’s life. Because he made this decision at age 16, people around the world now know him as Tennant rather than his birth name – McDonald’s. His stage name also sounds almost prophetic as it contains the word “ten” and he later played the Tenth Doctor.

His father was in an episode of Doctor Who with him

David Tennant and his father in Doctor Who

Tennant’s late father, Sandy McDonald, was a minister and he made an appearance as a footman opposite Tennant in the Doctor Who episode “The Unicorn and the Wasp”.

Although the cameo was very brief and her father didn’t have any lines, it was probably nice to have that moment preserved on screen together. McDonald died in 2016 and also appeared at the 2015 National Television Awards.

He is married to the daughter of the Fifth Doctor

David Tennant as Tenth and Georgia Moffett as Jenny in Doctor Who

According The Independent, Tennant is married to Georgia Moffett, the daughter of the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. Tennant and Moffett met while filming the Doctor Who episode, “The Doctor’s Daughter”, together in 2008.

Interestingly, Tennant not only married a co-star, but also the daughter of his favorite doctor. This makes it a very Doctor Who– family oriented. With five children, several of whom are already active, it is quite possible that one of them is involved in Doctor Who also in the future. Tennant is quoted as saying, “Doctor Who had gone through my life like a stick of rock.”

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