Act for openness and democracy

Posted: 11/26/2021 7:00:30 AM

Modified: 11/26/2021 07:00:13 AM

As a former state representative and former member of the education committee, I am particularly outraged by the abuse and manipulation of this committee in the railroad through legislation under the guise of amendments. non-Germans regarding vaccine warrants and expanded school vouchers regardless of public input and scrutiny. I am further upset by the majority party’s tactic of removing a respected member of this committee because of the “threat” he presented by perhaps voting his conscience instead of the party line.

These are the tactics of an authoritarian party, not of a party interested in openness or democracy. These two divisive bills will undoubtedly be passed by the Republican majority in January, a majority led by a small group of “free states” and libertarians who have a lethal grip on the Republican caucus. Look no further than the way Dr. Bill Marsh, who left this party, was treated. He lost the chairmanship of his committee because of his wacky speech on the pursuit of science. Voters in New Hampshire must pay close attention to the results of last and next term legislation and closely assess the New Hampshire House and Senate candidates in next November’s election.

David Doherty


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