Arizona election review inspires copy efforts in other states


And this week, The Arizona Republic reported that Doug Logan, the head of Cyber ​​Ninjas, the firm hired by the state Senate to oversee the investigation, had worked with allies and lawyers for Mr. Trump l last winter as they sought to overturn Mr Biden’s election. victory.

Quoting from emails, texts and videos, The Republic wrote that Mr. Logan was supposed to attend a meeting in mid-November with a group including Sidney Powell, then a lawyer for Mr. Trump. He also said Mr. Logan, identified in the documents as “Doug Patriot,” worked with Mr. Trump’s senior national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and electoral conspiracy theorist Patrick Byrne on efforts to access voting machines nationwide.

A spokesperson for Mr Logan, Rod Thomson, did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.

In December, long before he was hired, Mr. Logan repeated on his Twitter account a baseless theory that the Right’s favorite target Dominion Voting Systems had stolen 200,000 votes from Mr. Trump in Arizona. Dominion, who has sued other prominent advocates of similar theories for libel, claims Cyber ​​Ninjas is “Led by conspiracy theorists and supporters of QAnon.

Arizona has already proved instructive for Republicans in other states looking to autopsy their own 2020 results. Michael Gableman, a retired Wisconsin Supreme Court judge who is leading a Republican inquiry there, spoke up. traveled to Arizona to review his investigation, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this month that he had frequently consulted Mr. Ayyadurai.

Mr Gableman, a former Republican county president known as a diehard Tory, has been criticized for saying at a post-election rally of Trump worshipers that “your elected leaders allowed unelected Election Commission bureaucrats of Wisconsin to steal our vote.

In Pennsylvania, which Biden won by 81,660 votes, the head of the state Senate committee overseeing the election investigation also traveled to Arizona to review his investigation.

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