As Putin’s ‘special operation’ fails, Russian state TV says ‘We’ll wait for Trump’

Russia knows it, and Russia says it. In the latest translation by Russian media watchdog Julia Davis, Russian state television makes its strategy clear to any attentive Westerner: President Biden is ruining Tsar Vlad’s dreams of global conquest, so their only viable option is to wait. Trump’s triumphant return.

The daily beast:

Russia is starting to feel the sting of Western sanctions, with state media programs featuring multiple experts talking about “rebuilding” or “reviving” the country’s economy. They urge ordinary Russians not to fool themselves into thinking that pre-war life would return to normal for years or decades to come. The only bright spot on the horizon for Kremlin propagandists is the potential return of Donald J. Trump.

Honestly, there’s a good chance Trump will be dead, in jail, or caught in an eternal loop of insanity testing and bragging by 2024, but when you’re so desperate for the relief of a much smaller country that humiliating you publicly for months, you glory in any glimmer of hope that presents itself. Even if that glow is actually just a discharge of layers that won’t stop igniting spontaneously.

On Wednesday’s live show The evening with Vladimir Solovyov, host Vladimir Solovyov – who recently took part in meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin – detailed the only semi-plausible scenario that Moscow would ultimately escape the consequences of invading Ukraine. Soloviev said, “I really liked it when the White House said, ‘We don’t have a chance to talk. Throw us a pass to make us want to talk to you. And we say, “We don’t want to. Maybe you want to talk, but we don’t. We don’t want to do anything about you. We will wait for Trump.

Got it, America? The greatest obstacle to peace and democracy in the world wants you to reinstall Neck-Wattle Nero as the leader of a world that will soon not be so free. Maybe gas prices aren’t the western world’s biggest problem after all, huh?

Solovyov also stated the painfully obvious: that is, Republicans and Democrats are not the same when it comes to upholding traditional American values ​​like democracy and freedom. “Biden is fundamentally different in many ways,” he said. “Trump even said, ‘I don’t need NATO.’ “He imposed sanctions, but he listened to us. We were talking to him. … Trump hates Ukraine, because Ukraine was trying to do everything to keep him out of office.” Soloviev added, “Trump, Trump Trump! … These Americans who are constantly analyzing our program are having heart attacks right now, so I’ll say: Trump, Trump, Trum-pum-pump!”


Solovyov, et al., are also quick to list the horrors they would like to see on our shores. Namely: if Putin can persuade the MAGA horde to rise from the corn, the Kremlin will be tickled pink.

“You just need to light a match and everything will ignite,” Soloviev said in reference to America’s internal volatility and rising political tensions. Predicting unrest and unrest in the United States, Maxim Bratersky, professor of political science in the Department of International Affairs at the Moscow Higher School of Economics, then gave his opinion on what should be the main objective of the Russia for America: can hurt them, we have to.

Yeah, you’ve hurt us all enough with that cruel prank you did in 2016. Here, have another HIMARS rocket as a heartfelt thank you. I hope you enjoyed receiving it as much as we enjoyed the look on your face when you “unwrapped” it. Truly priceless.

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