Beijing alleges US interference in Hong Kong, supporting anti-China stance


Sep 26, 2021 9:39 AM STI

Beijing [China], Sept. 26 (ANI): Beijing on Friday accused the United States of meddling in Hong Kong and released a 100-time list that the United States interfered with and supported those who are anti-China.
China’s Foreign Ministry published a list titled “U.S. Interference in Hong Kong Affairs and Support for Anti-China and Destabilizing Forces,” which has five different categories detailing the ways in which China claims that the United States is Emirates interfered with the semi-autonomous city, La Colline reported.
Categories include “Hong Kong-related acts,” sanctions, “laying baseless charges” against Hong Kong authorities, supporting those who are anti-China, and working with other countries to pressure Hong Kong.
The backgrounder includes cases from 2019 to 2021, including the Trump and Biden administrations in their complaints.
The list included complaints against several American politicians, Democrats and Republicans, for the legislation they proposed or the condemnations they made against mainland China in relation to Hong Kong.
Meanwhile, a pro-democracy movement has also unfolded in the semi-autonomous city. The pro-democracy camp took control of all 18 city councils except one in November 2019, more than 260 district councilors resigned as part of an ongoing crackdown on public dissent and compulsory swearing-in since the entry into force of the National Security Act.
As China has tightened its control over Hong Kong through various laws, including the draconian National Security Law, residents of the semi-autonomous city face increased police and repression.

Most of Hong Kong’s opposition lawmakers are either in jail or have fled overseas since the crackdown on the National Security Act began.
Critic of the Chinese government for decades, the Hong Kong-based news house Next Digital began to take steps to shut down as Beijing’s crackdown left it with no way to operate.
The decision to shut down operations in Hong Kong has drawn much criticism from China.
China’s Foreign Ministry has condemned President Joe Biden for calling the shutdown of the city’s largest pro-democracy newspaper, AppleDaily, “a sad day for media freedom.”
Beijing also condemned former President Trump for signing the 2019 Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, The Hill reported.
Beijing agreed in 1997, when Hong Kong was ceded to Chinese rule, that the freedoms the city enjoyed as a British possession would continue, but it has severely cracked down on its pro-democracy and independence movement in recent years.
It is not known why the list was released on Friday, The Hill reported. (ANI)

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