Biden’s bipartisan jungle and other commentaries

Left to right: Biden’s bipartisan Bungle

Team Biden and the Democrats erred in rejecting the Republicans’ offer of a $ 600 billion COVID relief plan in February and instead adopting their own $ 1.9 trillion US bailout. dollars, laments Bloomberg Opinion’s Matthew Yglesias. With bipartisan bills for COVID relief and infrastructure and possible bipartisan science funding, Biden “could claim to have fulfilled” his vow to unite the country – and possibly even gotten Senator Joe Manchin to back his Build Back plan Better. Instead, the Democrats “have put aside the possibility of a two-party system in search of more ambitious legislation”, despite their slim majority. It now sounds like “madness.” The current task is more reflective of the underlying political reality, and Biden and his party would almost certainly be better off today if they had recognized that reality from the start.

From right: Dems Target W.Va’s Poor

“Democrats love the poor. Democrats hate the poor. What about the poor of West Virginia? They’re at the bottom of the bucket, ”scoffs Kevin D. Williamson of the National Review. Democrats have targeted Senator Joe Manchin, “the moderate Democrat of West Virginia,” because he and the West Virginia people he represents disagreed with everything in their Build Back Better plan and have kill. Manchin “is about as much on the political left as West Virginia today is going to go,” but Democrats act like “voting Republican is just one more pathology plaguing toothless mountain people in their imaginations.” . They cannot, or will not, understand “that there are poor and struggling Americans who do not instinctively look to the welfare state for the answer to their problems.”

Libertarian: Joe’s ignorance about. . . Delaware

“President Joe Biden knows his home state of Delaware is also home to more businesses than anywhere else on the planet, but he doesn’t seem to know why,” says Eric Boehm of Reason. “I’m from Delaware,” prez boasted, while pushing his Build Back Better bill, “so I understand big business.” However, Delaware “has not become the number one American destination for corporate headquarters by raising taxes on the companies that operate there.” The state is famous for its favorable tax laws, including the absence of sales tax [and] no corporate income tax on income earned outside of Delaware. Meanwhile, Biden’s BBB plan raises “the corporate tax rate to 28%” – the opposite of his state’s approach.

Curator: how pride haunts the left

“The left is consumed by its own hatred and pride,” Victor Davis Hanson told American Greatness. Take COVID: Joe Biden took the opportunity, using the blocks “to run a virtual campaign from his basement to equate Donald Trump with the” virus. Democrats believed the panic “could help achieve single-payer health care, or recalibrated capitalism, or the end of Donald Trump himself.” Still, there have been “a lot more deaths” under Biden than Trump, despite “ubiquitous vaccinations, new therapies, and antiviral drugs.” Biden wouldn’t want anyone “to do to him what he did to Trump: question the efficacy and safety of vaccines, blame Biden for the more than 400,000 deaths under his watch, and claim that the continued pandemic was Biden’s sole fault ”. But that would logically follow Dems’ “rhetoric and actions”.

Pandemic Diary: Fauci’s Latest COVID Fear

“It has been evident for some time now that while the omicron variant is more transmissible than previous COVID variants, it also appears to cause less severe symptoms,” and now, notes Conn Carroll of the Washington Examiner, even the Biden administration admits that, with Dr Anthony Fauci citing data confirming “less severity” in terms of hospitalizations. Yet Fauci also stressed that people should not be “complacent” given the high volume of new infections, even though there is “no evidence that omicron is causing hospitals to overflow with COVID patients”. which “seems to be what Fauci is afraid of.” “Hopefully, as Paxlovid – a new drug that limits severity – becomes more available,” we will never have to hear about what Dr Fauci is afraid of again. “

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