Boston gets to work with Gallinari deal and Brogdon trade

The Boston Celtics were, by most accounts, not going to do much, if anything, until the weekend rolled around. But whether it was a smokescreen or a happy accident that set the Celtics in motion, the team that represented the NBA’s Eastern Conference in the 2022 NBA Finals. improved a bit.

It started with the team landing coveted veteran winger Danilo Gallinari, and went into hyperdrive with the trade of Indiana Pacers point guard Malcolm Brogdon, with the Celtics sending a first-round pick of the first 12 proteges, the center Daniel Theis, winger Aaron Nesmith, and three rarely played deep rotation players.

To get a sense of Brogdon’s impact on a Finals team that didn’t give up any baseman to bring in the Indiana general, we tapped the Off the Glass podcast host. Full Access Pacers,” Kory Waldron.

Your regular hosts Alex Goldberg and Justin Quinn have teamed up with Waldron to talk all things Brogdon trade, building a Celtics team and more off-season action.

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