California man hired “spellcasters” to bewitch his wife before she vanishes, affidavit says


SAN DIEGO (KSWB) – The husband of Maya Thousand was in a “desperate, frenzied and unbalanced state of mind” in the months leading up to her disappearance, writes a key investigator in the most detailed account to date of Larry Millet’s behavior in front of her alleged murder.

Larry Mille has been arrested Tuesday in a suburb of San Diego after nine months of high-level investigation. The detailed portrayal of him is provided in an affidavit from Detective Jesse Vicente, a 15-year veteran of the Chula Vista Police Department who works in the Violent Crimes Unit.

The detective’s tale centers on the idea that Larry’s attempts to maintain his marriage have become an increasingly aggressive obsession. Authorities say Maya, who was also called “May”, had an affair and wanted a divorce, but “Larry was determined to stop her.”

In court documents and several exchanges of texts With KSWB over the past few months, Larry and his lawyer have denied any wrongdoing and accused the police, media and Maya’s family of treating him unfairly.

Investigators say they found signs the couple’s marriage was unraveling dating back to at least September 2020, when Larry became “increasingly obsessed with May’s activities and her communications with other people.”

Larry became “more and more paranoid,” the detective wrote, and his family and friends described him as “controlling” or “stalker-like.” This included visits to Maya’s work, arriving unexpectedly at her Defense Ministry office “to see if she met another man,” Vicente wrote.

Investigators found that Larry’s internet activity also centered on controlling Maya in the marriage. This included more mundane research – like “my wife doesn’t want me to touch her” – and articles on maintaining a relationship. But the searches have also turned to violence, demonstrating a “murderous ideation”, according to the detective.

Larry researched “a plant you take to never wake up”, “water hemlock” and a variety of drugs that could be used to neutralize a person, including Rohypnol, a drug known for “rape”. appointment ”, discovered the investigators.

There were also the “spellcasters,” a revelation that first appeared in a press conference detained by authorities on the day of Larry’s arrest. The husband has had repeated contact with various companies offering “spells” online, authorities said. The so-called spiritual psychics and channelers sold Larry spells he could “cast” in May.

The magic was initially aimed at getting Larry’s wife to obey him or fall in love with him again, Vicente said. Eventually, however, Mille wrote that it was “time to take off the gloves.”

“The emails got more and more panicked,” Vicente said, describing the spells Larry bought to harm Maya enough that she relied on him and couldn’t leave. On a family trip to ride off-road motorcycles, for example, Larry appeared to ask for a curse that would cause his wife to crash and get stuck in bed, investigators said.

“Can you hurt her enough to make her depend on me and need my help,” Larry wrote in an email, according to the affidavit. “She’s only kind to me when she needs me or is sick.”

In January 2021, as Larry learned that his wife was seriously considering a divorce, “Larry was getting more and more desperate,” Vicente said. “I think she wants me to crack,” he wrote in an email, according to the detective. “I’m shaking inside ready to crack.”

While investigators say they built their case on evidence of Larry’s online obsession with his wife, a sudden departure from this activity has also been presented as a critical clue. Starting January 9, a day after his wife went missing, “Larry’s attention changes. “

“He is sending emails until the beginning of February asking to punish the man with whom May had an affair,” the detective said. “As of January 9, Larry no longer directs spells or ‘spells’ at May, and he no longer asks for help with his ruined marriage.”

“When begging and desperate threats from Larry didn’t stop May from filing for divorce, the thought of losing her family was unfathomable to her,” Vicente wrote. The evidence presented in the affidavit, he later concludes “provides probable cause to believe that Larry is responsible for May’s death”.

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