Call for Artists for Bayfront Park Trust Dogs and Cats Walkway Competition

Posted on April 21, 2022

The Bayfront Park Trust launches the app for the Dogs and Cats Bridge Contest. The Bayfront Park Trust Board of Directors and the City of Miami are pleased to invite all local artists to enter a competition to creatively and tastefully paint and/or decorate one of 50 aluminum sculptures that will adorn the Dogs & Cats Walkway at Maurice Ferré Park in downtown Miami along Biscayne Bay.

Application information: Interested artists must complete a formal application, which is available here.

Submission deadline: The complete application must be submitted before the deadline of June 1, 2022.

Eligibility: Eligibility information is listed in the application form. Please read carefully

Award criteria: The Bayfront Park Trust Board, along with designated contributors, will evaluate each artist’s sketches and submissions and award an award accordingly.

Type of reward: In recognition and appreciation for the artist’s exceptional work, creativity, and donation of artwork to the City of Miami, special credit will be given to each artist selected to paint a sculpture. The prizes will consist of a permanent and lasting public exhibition of the selected works in Maurice Ferré Park, a plaque honoring the artist’s biography, including a description of his work with a QR code to openly promote his website or social media and work .

Cost: There is no cost associated with the application process.

Advantages: This park will make the surrounding community safer by providing a secure area for people and their pets to exercise and socialize away from busy streets, while allowing owners to be physically active with their pets. while enjoying unique works of art. Additionally, this park will bring communities together and create a dog-friendly network, allowing users to meet more people and improve their social lives.

About the Dogs and Cats Contest:

The aim of this innovative project is to highlight the beauty of the existing park and attract visitors to it by organizing a unique, open and permanent art exhibition, completely free to the public. The exhibition will feature large painted sculptures of different breeds of dogs and cats, aiming to exalt the human-animal relationship and raise awareness of animal compassion. The main objective of this competition is to promote the creation of quality works of art that reflect the rich diversity of cultures in our city, to promote Miami as the capitol of the arts and to market it as the capitol of the Latin America.


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