Capitalism is failing workers [letter] | Letters to the Editor

Having recently made a continuing contribution to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, I was discouraged to read what I considered more blah blah from State House Speaker Bryan Cutler about protecting taxpayers from Democratic spending proposals “developed in fiscal fantasy land” (“Helping Pennsylvania Means Putting Taxpayers First,” Feb. 4 op-ed).

Who is Cutler protecting? Certainly not the large number of people languishing or on the verge of poverty.

Capitalism has proven effective for creativity, efficiency, freedoms and wealth creation. But I believe it has no soul and invariably exploits the lower class for its accomplishments, failing to fairly compensate these people for their much needed contributions. From the perspective of capitalism, providing a living wage and services that benefit the greater good is unprofitable. This is where government comes in, having the responsibility to protect citizens from the abuses and failures of capitalism.

Republicans promote capitalism as if it were sacred. They apparently seek to tax it wherever they can and give tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.

Tax codes are ridiculously complicated and rigged, in my opinion, to provide as many breaks for the wealthy as possible. Both political parties are responsible for this.

In Pennsylvania, Republicans oppose fair funding for public education and promote private schools and school choice as alternatives. I believe that if they funded public education properly, these alternatives would be less desirable.

Locally, Republican county commissioners are touting that taxes haven’t been raised in years. But what is the opportunity cost? What could have been provided to the needy with a modest increase? Maybe the county could retain its employees with better pay. And what about the privatization of Conestoga View? It worked very well.

Doug Wimer

West Lampeter Township

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