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Haniz has five jobs. Elyse has four jobs. G has three jobs. Mason has two. My dad always wore multiple hats, sometimes doing three jobs at a time, and I follow in his footsteps juggling two while a full-time student.

I watched my dad break his back for me and now I watch my friends break theirs to try and survive a life that costs their entire existence. Is it because we are simply obeying the society that shaped us? Or is it because we are afraid of something different?

This life is exhausting. It robs people of their creativity – and their will to live – because they are worked to the bone just to pay the bare minimum: food to eat every day, a place to live, and clothes to wear. warm up.

According to an article by truth, the United States is home to half a million homeless people and is essentially the epicenter of the housing crisis. There is a lot of housing available, but the wealth is not evenly distributed. Urban areas are no longer for everyone; instead, there is financial competition that draws a line – a barrier – between the rich and the poor.

Why do we have to work so hard for a life we ​​haven’t chosen?

My parents worked very hard to make ends meet, but we could still barely afford food. My mom, a 12-year Target employee, relied on me to pay half of our family bills because no matter how hard she worked, she never made enough.

According to Investopedia, the minimum wage is not high enough to support a family of two. If a person works 40 hours a week for 52 weeks during the year, they will earn about $ 15,080, which is well below the poverty line of $ 17,420. This makes the paycheck life quite stressful, especially when some jobs don’t offer full time. hours, especially during COVID-19 when employees are putting their health at risk.

I grew up too fast because of capitalism. In a way, we got poorer as everyone in our neighborhood got richer. Their grass has become greener. Ours is dead and dirtier than anything else. The houses were renovated while ours collapsed. We ate the same meals every week and feared we would survive until the next day. A small child shouldn’t have to worry about this.

The system is inherently rigged and makes it impossible for the poor to succeed.

We are told that we need an education, but it costs thousands of dollars every year to get it. It was an education I would have missed without my full scholarship. The extreme cost of higher education strikes me as ridiculous because in most positions today it is necessary to have at least an associate’s degree. How can we be successful in life if the system we live in is rigged from the start?

Why do we work so hard when we seem to get nothing in return? Because capitalism sucks.

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