Cold cuts for dogs


PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – The charcuterie board trend, between social media and the pandemic ‘pop-up picnic’ craze here in the Tampa Bay area, hits a new high . A new local business owner takes the trend a step further for our four-legged friends.

Abby Harr is the owner of “Pupnic Baskets”, operating in Pinellas County. She works “beside the job” while maintaining a full-time job from home.

Harr enjoys making charcuterie for herself. She adopted her dog, Annie, at the height of the pandemic in April 2020, feeding her for about a month before making things official. It turns out that Annie is also a fan of charcuterie snacks, like her mom.

“She would sit there and look at me with her little puppy eyes, and I was like, ‘Well, some of those things you can’t eat! “So I started making him his own little plates and stuff, you know I’m a dog mom,” Harr said of his deli.

Harr started posting photos of Annie’s plates on her own social media, and others wondered if she was selling.

She said she didn’t get serious about the business until she attended a women’s business event in Dunedin.

“In fact, it was not until last spring that there was [an] International Women’s Day event… in downtown Dunedin. They had a big market, it was all the women owned businesses and everything, ”she said.

Pupnic Baskets, as a small business, started taking orders via Instagram in April 2021.

Harr does not make the dog treats in the baskets herself, but obtains them from local treat manufacturers. She assembles the boxes and does the pick-ups and drop-offs of orders, in addition to selling her wares in local markets.

All the boxes contain dog food, treats, fruits and vegetables. Harr’s online order form asks questions, such as whether a dog has allergies and what fruits or vegetables deemed “good” for dogs that someone’s pet would most like.

While the small and large deli boxes for $ 20 and $ 30 respectively are still on sale throughout the year, Harr will also be stepping up his game for the holiday season.

“One thing I’m sure I’m going to do like big holiday gift baskets. So you will get your own reusable wicker picnic baskets. I will include toys, treats. I have dog friendly business cards and local business card coupons, ”she explained.

A box of deli meats itself will not appear in the holiday basket, but a coupon will be included to order one later. Harr said she will also include anyone who purchases a holiday basket in a raffle to win a free Pupnic basket.

In the future, Harr wants to grow more in the business, but she sticks to the four-legged ones and is more interested in “puppy parts”. She would like to capitalize on the “pop-up picnic” craze here in the Tampa Bay area.

“I would really love to work with one of them and have a picnic with your puppy. And I have a good friend, she’s going to invite me to party her dog “gotcha day” in December. So we’re going to do like a great puppy deli layout, ”she said. “It’s going to be in the dog park in her apartment, she’s going to invite all the dogs and everything and we’re going to have goody bags and decorations and kinda, for your kid’s birthday party, but for your pooch . ”

Harr’s Pupnic baskets can be found online on Facebook and Instagram.

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