Early voting for the NC primary begins Thursday

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — Early voting for the North Carolina primary election begins Thursday.

Some of the races include offices in the United States House and Senate, and here in Mecklenburg County mayor and city council positions are up for grabs.

Early voting has been incredibly popular in 2020, with almost 90% of voters in Mecklenburg County voting before Election Day.

This year, election officials continue to promote early voting and offer more venues than in any primary election in the past.

Voters can choose from 16 early voting locationswhich will remain open until May 14.

“A few years ago we used high school gymnasiums,” Mecklenburg County Board of Elections director Michael Dickerson told WBTV. “We were able to expand. We always try to go for bigger and bigger sites. We always use the screen protectors. We will have the sanitizer and wipes.

This year, masks are optional.

Dickerson also wants to remind people voting by mail that they may need to get one more witness.

“Either a witness who is a notary, or two witnesses who saw that you voted on this ballot,” he said. “It needs to be signed by them, and it needs to be processed by them so we can go ahead and process that ballot for you.”

Dickerson said they are seeing a slight increase in mail-in voting from past primaries, and he expects many people to take advantage of early voting.

He also said now is the time to do your homework.

“We just had a redistricting,” he said. “Who’s my congressman now?” Who are my representatives in the State House and the Senate? Even the city of Charlotte and the commissioners have redesigned their neighborhoods.

If you choose to vote by mail, you can either send your ballot by mail or drop it off in person at the office of the Elections Office.

If you choose to wait, you can vote on election day May 17 in your riding.

Libertarian voters are not eligible to vote in the primary.

If you are unaffiliated, you can vote, but you must choose a Republican or Democratic ballot.

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