How Republicans will become America’s natural governing party’

It seems that FH Buckley thinks a little differently than most Republicans and Democrats.

In his book, “Progressive Conservatism: How Republicans Will Become America’s Natural Governor Party,” he explains very clearly why this is the case. He belongs to a kind of politics that is rare: a combination of the two (or the three, if you mix it up as a libertarian).

That’s not to say Buckley doesn’t belong to a political party. The cover of his book clearly shows this. But it is clear that he has a bit of disdain for the current Republican Party order, and much more for the modern American political order.

In his book, Buckley calls for a more progressive approach to Republican Party conservatism. Not the kind of progressivism found in the Democratic Party, which has completely surrendered to socialism tinged with Marxism, but the progressivism reminiscent of Theodore Roosevelt.

Roosevelt is not the only example provided by the author. He also bases his progressive conservative thinking on Abraham Lincoln and Dwight D. Eisenhower. He praises these three progressive conservative presidents, and, surprisingly, adds a fourth former president: Donald Trump.

Official White House portrait of President Eisenhower, circa 1960, by James Anthony Wills. (Public domain)

Buckley writes that these four presidents worked more to improve the population as a whole than to satisfy their party. The author presents his arguments based on the capacities of these presidents to approach, and often to solve, the current economic or social problems, even if it means going against the members of their own party.

A return to pre-revolutionary aristocracy

The author points out that one of the main problems in America is the decline of economic mobility. He wonders why the country has slowed down, if not retreated, in arguably the most important category for a country’s citizens.

He believes, and argues, that politicians have reverted to a pre-revolutionary aristocracy, where “who you know gets you where you want to go”. It’s the “old money” system, just with the “new money”.

He further notes that America lags ridiculously behind in the category of economic mobility (among many other categories) among first world countries. The author uses Canada, our northern neighbour, as a first comparison. He describes how Canada, which is just as diverse as ours, offers much greater economic mobility to its citizens. One of the reasons for this (respondent in the comment “among many other categories”) is our failing education system (to put it mildly).

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FH Buckley, author of “Progressive Conservatism: How Republicans Will Become America’s Natural Governor Party”. (Dating Books)

While progressive liberals have dominated the scene in secondary and post-secondary education, our once exalted system lies in shambles. With each new generation subjected to our abyssal educational system, our country falls even further behind.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the problem of completely out of control immigration along our southern border, often ignored by Democrats. The massive and continuous influx of immigrants, who bring little or no benefit to our country, weighs heavily on our economic, educational and political system.

Buckley suggests, however, that Democrats see mass migration, legal or otherwise, as a benefit to their party. This, in turn, does not encourage modern progressives to stop or minimize the number of immigrants.

The author demonstrates how this influx of migrants (who are generally uneducated and poor) and the high percentage of teenagers graduating from a high school program that dulled the American intellect nurtured and even strengthened the American aristocracy. modern.

Corruption at high levels

Repeatedly, Buckley refers to the Founding Fathers’ attempt to stifle corruption in political office. They were aware that the total elimination of corruption was a mad rush, but they tried to minimize it by laws and checks and balances which they hoped were sufficient.

The author agrees that it worked to some degree, but in the modern era of the 20th and 21st centuries, laws, mainly regulations, have created a massive bureaucracy with a great abundance of corrupt bureaucrats.

Buckley argues that the administrative state, with agencies like the EPA and FBI, has become more powerful than elected officials, those who are supposed to be in charge of running the country.

The author further points out that there are so many rules and regulations created and administered by the administrative state that it stifles business, especially small businesses. The steady growth of the regulatory state has deterred small businesses from growing and entrepreneurs from starting businesses. Large companies, on the other hand, take advantage of the regulatory state by facing less and less competition. Buckley correlates this with the rise of our aristocracy.

What is Nationalism?

In “Progressive Conservatism,” Buckley explains how the term “nationalism” has been corrupted. This corruption began in the middle of the 20th century, but before that time nationalism was viewed favorably.

The author argues that Americans must return to a nationalist idea, and that is the natural order of nations. Nations, like individuals, are naturally concerned first with their own conservation.

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Migrants take part in a vigil for migrants who died while migrating to the United States, at the US-Mexico border in playas de Tijuana, Baja California state, Mexico, on July 4, 2022. (Guillermo Arias/AFP via Getty Images)

He suggests that those who promote a movement towards global preservation rather than national self-preservation are globalists. These globalists, like those of the World Economic Forum, are the global aristocracy.

Buckley further argues that it takes a strong leader, like Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, or Trump, to oppose national and global aristocracy. The purpose of his book, however, is not to convince a politician to become a progressive conservative, but to convince citizens, Democrats and Republicans alike, to become progressive conservatives.

His argument is that this is the only way forward. He states that other philosophies, such as libertarianism, integralism and naturalism, are not the way to go. His arguments are not hyperbolic takedowns of various political philosophies, but rather coherent reasons for disagreement. His arguments are interesting and often convincing.

two extremes

Buckley is a self-proclaimed progressive conservative. He worked with Trump as a speechwriter. And while he refers to many of the former president’s successes, he doesn’t believe Trump is the president of the future. In his view, Trump is too controversial a figure, a lightning rod for controversy.

Whatever your take on Trump, Buckley makes good use of the 45th president. Trump, as polarizing of a figure as he was, was neither a liberal nor a conservative, but rather progressively conservative. Although this may seem like a contradiction in terms, Buckley argues that it is not; his book is dedicated to this premise.

He argues, to some extent pleads, with readers not to choose between the two extremes: conservative or liberal. Unfortunately, Buckley is right: the two have become polar extremes in that one doesn’t have to agree with the other.

For those politically on the fence or staunchly conservative or liberal, this book will cause the reader to reconsider their positions on many political issues.

Buckley ends the book with a list of tasks that must be done in order to put the country back on top of first world nations. These are all issues that need to be resolved. Buckley’s view is that they can most likely only be accomplished by a progressive conservative.

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Cover of “Progressive Conservatism: How Republicans Will Become America’s Natural Governing Party.” (Dating Books)

“Progressive Conservatism: How Republicans Will Become America’s Natural Governing Party”
By FH Buckley
Dating Books, July 12, 2022
Hardcover; 272 pages

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