ID works to eliminate the stigma around domestic violence

ID is amplifying awareness around Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October with the launch of its “No excuse for the abuse” campaign partnership with domestic violence organizations One Love Foundation and NO MORE. Jason SarlanisPresident of Crime & Investigative Content, Linear and Streaming, Warner Bros. Discovery, explains why the real criminal network has a responsibility to grow stronger.

What is the origin of the campaign?

It’s something I’m passionate about and close to the hearts of all of us here at ID because so many of the stories around crime and relationships start from a place of domestic abuse. Anything we can do to help educate our viewers about domestic violence, provide them with resources on how to safely get out of a dangerous scenario they might find themselves in, or even how to be a confidant for a loved one. dear in an unhealthy situation, is mission critical to us here at ID.

How did you choose the partners?

We have a long history with One Love Foundation, and with “No Excuse for Abuse” we’re taking that partnership to the next level. We are also excited to bring another education support organization, NO MORE, into the ID family with this initiative. Both of these organizations are inspiring a change in the stigma surrounding domestic violence, and we are thrilled to partner with them both to help improve their tools and resources to ensure viewers are equipped to identify the different forms of domestic violence. Our partnership with them not only helps us do it, but also helps us do it right.

What is the link between the ID mark and the message?

ID is the number one true crime network, and we take the commitment to our viewership to heart. With the sensitive and harrowing nature of true crime, we cannot simply be providers of television content – we have a responsibility to be a place where people who identify with potentially dangerous situations for themselves or their loved ones can fetch resources. ID has an active audience that wants to make a difference: whether it’s helping capture 42 fugitives, as we saw with In pursuit with John Walsh, or activation to find missing persons who appear on Faded away. We’re tapping into that desire to do good for our viewers, and we’re doubling that by launching our “No Excuse for Abuse” campaign to help empower those who might need it.

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