In 2022, EMMA shines the spotlight on visionaries of art and design under the theme Crystal Ball

The 2022 exhibition EMMA’s program features exciting contemporary practitioners of art and design alongside iconic modernists, all of whom are or were visionaries of their time. The theme is reflected in the exhibitions as well as in the program of events.

The year starts with an exhibition by a world-renowned artist Daniel Buren which will extend beyond the museum into the urban space. Autumn will offer a new show in the In search of the present series. Showcasing international contemporary art, the expansive exhibition will explore current issues affecting both art and society, with particular emphasis on the relationship between humanity, nature and technology. An exhibition of sculptures by Tapio Wirkkala, master of Finnish modern design, also opens in the fall. The year ends in November with the opening of a show featuring the design collection of Conseiller Commercial Kyösti Kakkonen, which will be on permanent display in a new exhibition space on the ground floor of the WeeGee building.

The Crystal Ball theme sums up the visionary and daring approach of the artists and designers featured in the program. Are artists in possession of a crystal ball or are they able to anticipate the future through their artistic endeavors? A crystal ball is like a prism that reflects different realities and reveals new ways of seeing and experiencing.

French artist Daniel Buren (b.1938) is a radical reformer of the visual arts who, for 50 years, has challenged our conception of art and pushed the boundaries of the art museum. Still very active, Buren will create for EMMA a brand new large-scale work that plays with the architectural characteristics of the museum: horizontality and natural light streaming through the windows. Daniel Buren is an iconic giant of contemporary art, with a long career spanning more than 3,000 exhibitions in places and places around the world. In addition to the exhibition at EMMA, Buren will include artistic interventions and events in the public space of Espoo. The exhibition is organized by Arja Miller, chief exhibition curator at EMMA, in collaboration with Simon frieze, director of Creator Projects in Denmark.

Autumn at EMMA will be dominated by a large international group exhibition, In search of the present. Part of a serial exhibition concept, the show uses art to explore the character of this era and to anticipate future developments through an artistic and intuitive process. Artists are exceptionally good at thinking outside the box, which makes it particularly interesting to turn to artists as we seek new ways to view humanity and address today’s challenges, such as the climate crisis. and systems controlled by algorithms. One of the questions explored in the exhibit is whether technology can help us not only better understand ourselves, but also forge a new non-exploitative relationship with nature.

The artists of the exhibition are Refik Anadol, Dora budor, Sougwen Chung, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Stephanie Dinkins, Teemu Lehmusruusu, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Agnieszka Kurant, Brandon Lipchik, Jaakko Pietiläinen, Sondra Perry, Anna ridler, Raimo saarinen, Jenna sutela, Jakob Kudsk Steensen and Lu Yang.

The first exhibition of the series was presented at EMMA in 2016. The series borrows its title from a collection of writers’ essays dating from 1929. Olavi Paavolainen in which he explores the experience and identity of the modern person in a time of rapid change. In 2022 the In search of the present show will expand to include the To touch exhibition, which presents the art collection of the Saastamoinen Foundation. The foundation purchased a large installation by Dora Budor titled The preserving machine, as well as works by Sondra Perry and Jaakko Pietiläinen, all related to the themes of In search of the present exposure.

In 2022 the media space of the To touch The exhibition will host a series of three media works, which are linked to the theme Listen to the silence collection open in autumn 2021: Wonderland through Erkan Özgen, black balls through Jeannette Ehlers and The fantastic through Maija Blåfield.

Draw the boundaries is an immersive installation of Chiharu shiota jointly sponsored by the Saastamoinen Foundation and EMMA. Composed of a labyrinth of red threads and old found doors, the show opened at EMMA in the fall of 2021. The work invites spectators to enter a labyrinth of threads to embark on a journey into their memories. and their own interior. The exhibition will be on view at EMMA until 27.11.2022.

Form is an exhibition produced by EMMA in collaboration with the Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Foundation. Organized by the architect Juhani pallasmaa, the exhibition explores the sculpturalism in the work of Tapio Wirkkala. Entitled Tapio Wirkkala – Form, the exhibition opens in the Bryk & Wirkkala space in EMMA 5.10.2022.

The year will culminate with the inauguration of the Kakkonen Collection exhibition in November. Consisting of the collection of design objects that Commercial Advisor Kyösti Kakkonen permanently deposited at EMMA, the exhibition will open to the public in November 2022. The agreement for the permanent deposit and exhibition of the collection at EMMA has been concluded between Kakkonen, the city of Espoo and EMMA. Housed in a new exhibition space at the WeeGee exhibition center, the collection represents a significant expansion of EMMA’s operations. Remarkable even internationally, the Kakkonen collection The exhibition presents gems of Finnish glass and ceramic art from Modernism to the present day.

The popular Children’s Museum Festival will once again be presented jointly by all resident organizations at the WeeGee Exhibition Center in April 2022. The festival is a journey of discovery through history and art.

The shows at EMMA in 2022 are:

Erkan Özgen: Wonderland 1.2. – 1.5.2022
Daniel Buren 2.3. – 17.7.2022
Jeannette Ehlers: Black Bullets 10.5. – 14.8.2022
In search of the present 24.8.2022–5.2.2023
Dora Budor: The canning machine 8/24/2022–
Maija Blåfield: The fantastic 24.8. – 27.11.2022
Tapio Wirkkala – Form 5.10.2022–
Kakkonen Collection 11.9.2022–

Source: EMMA – Museum of Modern Art of Espoo

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