Is DeSantis a principled governor or a retaliatory culture warrior?

In this week Raison round tableeditors Matt Welch, Peter Suderman, Katherine Mangu Wardand Nick Gillespie examine Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ style of conservatism and discuss President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to the House of Saud.

1:28: DeSantis and his approach to governance

30:36: Weekly question from listeners: You sometimes talk about the Libertarian Party, and you may be aware of the recent convention which saw power go to a faction that many describe as quite alienating. This led many traditional libertarians to leave the party altogether. My question for all of you is: do you think the Libertarian Party is necessary to facilitate more libertarian representation in politics? If not, how do you see libertarian ideals developing in the traditional duopoly?

38:39: Biden’s next visit to Saudi Arabia

52:30 p.m.: Media recommendations for the week

This week’s links:

The death of Walt Disney’s Private Dream City? by Zach Weissmueller and Danielle Thompson

Anti-LGBT panics are bad for everyone’s freedom“, by Scott Shackford

Blame Biden for high gas prices“, by Nick Gillespie and Regan Taylor

Saudi prince’s plan for ‘walkable’ city of single-file buildings could instead be two-mile-long skyscrapers“, by Christian Britschgi

Alex Epstein: Why the Future Needs More Fossil Fuels“, by Nick Gillespie

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  • Reason Speakeasy: Nick Gillespie and Brian Doherty talk about “Dirty Pictures”

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