Key takeaways: how to deal with Trump; and the texan blues

Jim Kessler, a prominent center-left Third Way strategist, wrote on Twitter that the race demonstrated that “Democrats should take their Latino playbook and throw it in the trash.” And Chuck Rocha, the senior campaign adviser for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, responded that he “TOTALLY” agrees.

But National Democrats brushed off those concerns, saying it would have been a waste of money to invest in a special election to hold the seat for a few months. In November, they plan to attack Flores as an extremist who promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory and spread misinformation about COVID-19.

“The one thing the NRCC proved last night is that they can barely get their Republican MAGA candidates across the finish line when they outspend the Democrat 20 to 1 and if only 7% of the electorate votes,” said Monica Robinson. , spokesperson for the DCCC. “This seat is a rental for Republicans and we look forward to welcoming Vicente Gonzalez to Congress this fall.”

Demonstrate establishment strength

The odds were high against real upset in the Nevada primaries, and there were none, but Democratic Rep. Dina Titus’ margin of victory in her primary against challenger Amy Vilela seems to highlight the enduring strength of the Nevada Democratic establishment and Local 226 of the Culinary Workers Union.

The union and Nevada Democratic Victory campaigned for Titus as she faced re-election in a new district and defeated a challenger that garnered considerable excitement thanks to endorsements from Sanders and the band Our Revolution. Titus was victorious, getting over 82% of the vote.

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