Letter to Editor: Gazette-seeking “vulture capitalist” is bad news | Letters to the Editor

If you think our local newspaper is expensive now, wait a few weeks. In the Billings Gazette for November 23, a short article was titled “Alden Capital Offers to Buy Lee Enterprises”. on a tarnished white horse proclaiming to save your newspaper organization, then dump staff, sell assets, produce substandard product, and charge customers more. This philosophy has been used in Vietnam; remember “We destroyed the village in order to save this”?

Today on the internet CNN has a more detailed article titled Hedge Fund Known For Cutting Journalism Jobs Seeks To Buy More Newspapers i.e. Lee Enterprises, a chain of dailies serving 77 markets, including the St Louis Post Dispatch, The Buffalo News in New York, the Roanoke Times in Virginia and our group here in Montana. Need more information? Read the Atlantic Magazine article titled “A Secretive Hedge Fund is Gutting Newsrooms” by McKay Coppins dated October 14. I subscribe to The Gazette and prefer it to some of the click baits found on the internet. If you think today’s news on TV, radio, and experts is unsatisfactory, you should be very concerned about how our future information is being gathered. Remember the adage “I read and I know things.”

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