Letter to the Editor: Columnist Suggests Smart Solution for Maine First-Time Homebuyers

I congratulate Victoria Hugo-Vidal for her beautiful column in the Télégramme of July 24. What a common sense and achievable solution to the problem of lack of opportunity for first time homeownership for families. As a proponent of capitalism – a system which I believe provides the best standard of living for the greatest number – the question of moderately priced housing being purchased by investment companies posed a conundrum for which I could see no solution. . His solution, I believe, ticks all the boxes.

Although investors can still buy investment properties, their opportunities should be limited to allow low-to-median income families, especially those just starting out, to buy a home at a reasonable price. I lamented the fact that today’s young families are often unable to buy a first home. As baby boomers who started our family in the early 1980s, my husband, I, and our peers were all able to build or buy our own homes. We were all middle-class people working for a living. We didn’t come across this market exclusion phenomenon before we even started looking,

Perhaps we could call this new system “inclusive capitalism” – a system which, in allowing opportunities for great wealth, recognizes that we do not all have the same opportunities or talents.

Kathleen C. Barron
Great Diamond Island

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