Libertarian Party claims to have achieved major party status in Pennsylvania for the first time in 20 years | national news

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania — In the 2022 midterm election cycle, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania says it fielded more legislative candidates than in the past three decades.

Libertarian commentator Thomas Woods Jr disputed these claims by the LPPA saying that the party fielded more candidates in 2018 than in 2022. He also clarified the difference by fielding candidates and getting them to vote successfully.

“There’s a huge difference between fielding candidates and successfully getting candidates to vote. The LPPA says it fielded 28 candidates this year,” Woods said. “The Pennsylvania Department of State lists 23 candidates who filed paperwork to gain entry to the ballot.”

Woods continued, “five of them were contested on the ballot, bringing that number down to 18, and then removing the U.S. Senate, Governor, and Lt. Governor from that total, the LPPA appears to have fielded 15 nominees. to the state legislature.”

Pennsylvania election law states that a political party must receive 2% of the most votes in a statewide election and do so in at least 10 counties to receive official party status.

The two biggest Libertarian candidates in Pennsylvania were Erik Gerhardt for US Senate and Matt Hackenburg for Governor. Both candidates introduced themselves as foreigners with “not a politician” or similar language used in their campaign slogans.

LPPA officials have consistently called the election “historic” for the libertarian movement in Pennsylvania.

“This was a historic election for us,” said BJ Hebenthal, chairman of the LPPA Elections Committee. “I want to thank all of our candidates and volunteers for the countless hours and hard work they put in. The Libertarian Party remains on the ballot.”

“Pennsylvania’s election law removes third parties by holding taxpayer-funded primaries for Republicans and Democrats only,” said Rob Cowburn, chairman of the LPPA. “We have 45,000 registered libertarians in this state and our best electorate this election will almost double that number. Across the state, we hear people’s frustration with the electoral status quo and the lack of good options at the ballot box. The Libertarian Party is growing and will build on this momentum to provide more and better choices for the people of Pennsylvania.

Gerhardt and Hackenburg received 1.36% of the statewide vote and 0.96%, respectively. Locally, they received 1.91% and 1.13% of the vote in Lycoming County, 1.56% and 0.95% in Clinton County, 1.69% and 1.02% in Tioga, 1.69% and 1.09% in Potter County, 1.92% and 1.19% in Bradford County, 2.62% and 1.06% in Sullivan County, 2.09% and 1.51% in Columbia County, 1.97% and 1.35% in Montour County, 1.78% and 1.42% of the vote in Northumberland, 1.55% and 1.08% in Snyder County, 1.30% and 1.11% in Union County, and 1.35% and 1.05% in Center County.

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