Libertarians must be re-registered, nominate candidates in Maine

BANGOR – A federal judge has ordered election officials in Maine to allow members of the Libertarian Party to re-register in a fast-track process and nominate candidates for the 2022 election.

Judge Lance Walker’s order, signed Dec. 31, requires Secretary of State Shenna Bellows to send letters advising Libertarians that their deregistration was illegal and that they can reinstate.

The judge also ruled that due to tight timetables, Libertarians can nominate candidates under the party banner for the 2022 election, whether or not their numbers meet the minimum threshold under state law. The decision was first reported by the Bangor Daily News.

Libertarians qualified for party status in July 2016 by registering more than 5,000 members. But it did not meet the state law requirement of at least 10,000 members voting in the next election.

One lawsuit argues that the state effectively rejected more than 6,000 voter registrations when it deregistered libertarians without their permission. That left only 105 registered libertarian voters.

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