McManigal: Better to let people make their own choices

I like people. I also know that humans are deeply flawed. This combination explains why I am a libertarian.

All other positions insist that no one is smart enough to run their own life while also believing that most people are smart enough to run the lives of people they have never met. This management of the lives of foreigners is done through voting and the exercise of political power. It is not a realistic position.

The libertarian position recognizes that most people know how to manage their lives better than others and that no one is qualified to rule the lives of others, not by vote or by political power. In addition, no one has the right to rule someone else’s life.

This does not mean that everyone will be successful in leading their own life.

The few people who cannot are free to ask for help from those who are also free to help or not, or they may choose to do things – commit crimes – that may result in acts of self-defense directed against them. them. They are free to choose their path, but complaining about where the path leads will not make a difference.

Even those who cannot manage their lives have a right to try, and no one has the right or imaginary political authority to forbid them from trying. Letting them do the wrong thing is the right thing to do if they don’t listen to your advice.

The person who tries to control others is worse than the person who doesn’t control himself, no matter how things turn out. I speak as a person who has suffered from the wrong choices of people who don’t control themselves, so don’t imagine I have a rosy picture of all things butterflies and rainbows if people are. left to make their own choices.

Some of those who you think can’t lead a life of their own just never had the chance. Either they were pampered like children and told that others were doing what was best for them, or they were punished for making choices that others didn’t like.

The loving thing to do is give them the chance and let them live with the consequences of their choices. This includes being held accountable and being accountable for any actual harm they cause. How else could they be functional members of society? Most people meet or below your expectations. Keep your hands away and give them the chance.

Kent McManigal of Farwell defends freedom. Contact him at:

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