Members should never criticize party in public forms, Congress calls for statement


October 25, 2021 7:35 AM STI

New Delhi [India], October 25 (ANI): Following several open criticisms leveled at Congress by its group of 23 leaders (G-23), the party is now calling on leaders and workers to pledge never to criticize policies and programs of the party in public forums that aspire to become a main member.
“I subscribe to and work for the promotion of the principles of secularism, socialism and democracy. I will not criticize, directly or indirectly, openly or otherwise, accepted party policies and programs, except through party forums.” , said the new membership form.
It comes after several top leaders, who are part of the G-23, criticized the party in media interactions and even questioned the organizational structure, demanding elections within the party.
Kapil Sibal, a leader of the G-23, said in September that party leaders did not know who makes decisions within the party because there is no president. “In our party, there is no president so we do not know who makes these decisions. We know and yet we do not know,” he said. Ghulam Nabi Azad also wrote a letter to the party’s acting president, Sonia Gandhi, demanding an urgent meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC).
Prior to the meeting, G-23 leaders called for elections for CWC members, members of the Central Election Commission (CEC) and parliamentary council elections.
At the October 16 CWC meeting, Sonia Gandhi launched an indirect attack on the G-23 leaders and said there was no need to speak to her through the media and suggested to the party’s men to talk to him directly.

In a way, she has shown that her position within the party cannot be questioned because she is the leader of the party “full time and on the ground”.
The membership form is seen as an indirect warning from the party high command to the G-23 leadership that criticism from outside the party is not acceptable.
A 23-member (G-23) delegation of Congress in August last year wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi demanding a series of organizational reforms.
Apart from that, the membership form also prohibits new leaders from consuming alcohol and drugs.
He further seeks “manual labor which may be prescribed by the working committee”.
In the membership form, Congress stated that its goal is the welfare and progress of all Indians and that the party’s goal is to establish a socialist state by peaceful and constitutional means, based on democracy. parliamentary.
The Congress also seeks to establish a regime where there are equal opportunities and economic, political and social rights and aims to bring world peace and universal brotherhood in society, in accordance with the new membership form. (ANI)

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