MOScout Weekender: Hruza Adds $200,000 – STL County Leaders Poll – Corridor in Next Session

Hruza injects $200,000 into his campaign

Georges Hruza, the 24th Republican Senate candidate, added $200,000 of his own money to his campaign account. It’s a sign that he’s fully into his race and ready to bring his personal wealth to the fight.

Hruza has been making money since the start of his campaign. He has already donated $178,000 through a series of checks over the past six months. With these new checks, his total contribution to the campaign is approximately $400,000.

His Democratic opponent, Rep. Tracy McCreery, also did some self-financing. She contributed $100,000 to his campaign in February.

Remington/MOScout Poll: STL County Executive

Survey conducted October 5-7, 2022. 1,012 likely voters in the 2022 general election participated in the survey. Survey weighted to match expected turnout demographics for the 2022 general election. Margin of error is +/-3% with a 95% confidence level. Totals do not always equal 100% due to rounding. Survey conducted by Remington Research Group on behalf of Missouri Scout. See the full results here.

Q1: Do you think St. Louis County is heading in the right direction or is it heading in the wrong direction?

Good direction: 33%

Bad lead: 39%

Not sure: 28%

Q2: The candidates for the November 8 general election for County Executive are: Mark Mantovani, Republican; Sam Page, the Democrat; and Randall Holmes, the Green Party candidate. If the election were held today, who would you vote for?

Marc Mantovani: 43%

Sam Page: 48%

Randall Holmes: 1%

Undecided: 8%

Q3: The candidates in the November 8 general election for the Crown are: Wesley Bell, the Democrat and Theo Brown Sr., the Libertarian. If the election were held today, who would you vote for?

Wesley Bell: 57%

Theo Brown father: 21%

Undecided: 22%

Q4: The candidates in the November 8 general election for County Assessor are: Peter A. Pfeifer, Republican; Jake Zimmerman, Democrat; and Nick Kasoff, the Libertarian. If the election were held today, who would you vote for?

Peter A. Pfeifer: 40%

Jake Zimmerman: 50%

Nick Kasoff: 3%

Undecided: 7%

Q5: The candidates for the November 8 general election for the US Senate are: Eric Schmitt, the Republican; Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine; Jonathan Dine, the libertarian; and Paul Venable, the Constitution Party candidate. If the election were held today, who would you vote for?

Eric Schmitt: 40%

Trudy Busch Valentine: 52%

Jonathan Dine: 1%

Paul Venable: 1%

Undecided: 6%

MOScout Corridor Index: Next Session

I asked the lobbyists: “What are your prospects for the next session?” 18 answers


1. Optimistic… 33.3%

2. Pessimistic… 11.1%

3. Depends on leadership races… 27.8%

4. You never know how things will turn out… 27.8%

Example of comments

· The new group of lawmakers seem disinterested in name-calling and believe they have a chance to change the tenor of the Senate.

· Think it stays the same. Everyone is too caught up in storytelling at this point.

· I’m optimistic I’ll make more money in the next session than I did last, as the power of lobbyists continues to grow while the influence of individual legislators continues to wane.

· It’s all about the Senate leadership races.

· Lol predict it’s such a fool’s errand

· Either way, next year will be tough for those actually trying to rule the state, but the leadership races will matter a lot. Especially in the Senate. People underestimate Bernskoetter as a calm and unassuming person, but this guy is a rock and anyone who has worked with him knows his word is golden.

· It really depends if Mike Moon doesn’t want to read Davey Crockett. It’s day to day.

Who won the week?

Jay Ashcroft – Benefits from two large trial attorney checks, adding $250,000 to his PAC by the quarter’s deadline. The Ashcroft team believe that if they can stay on par with rival Mike Kehoe in terms of money, their name identity advantage will make them unassailable.

Mike Parson – Takes a victory lap with bill signatures for his tax cut and farm tax credits. While the special session nearly went off the rails at one point, only the final score matters and Parson took the win.

A3 — The issue of the marijuana legalization vote gets big union approval from the AFL-CIO. But also, President Joe Biden’s blanket pardon for federal marijuana possession crimes may give him a boost as Democratic voters view the issue even more favorably.

Ray Wagner – It’s the end of an era. Wagner signals his exit as one of Enterprise’s top executives having led its government affairs department for the past 27 years. If only there was a memoir to come out about the countless political and civic dramas (and comedies) he’s seen over the past three decades…

Find a downloadable version here.

Learn more about AG Appt

Parson has publicly stated that he wants someone experienced and who can provide stability to the office, clearly implying that he wants someone who will stay there after 2024. It makes no sense to appoint [Bailey who] is guaranteed to draw a primary. A primary that he will probably lose.

Contributions of $5,000 or more

Hruza for Missouri – $150,000 from George Hruza.

Hruza for Missouri – $50,000 from George Hruza.

Jack PAC (pro-Coatar) – $50,000 from Leadership Counts.

Serve Missouri PAC (pro-McCreery) – $25,000 from the Missouri Drive Fund.

Page PAC (pro-Page) – $15,000 from Centene Management Company, LLC.

Legal Missouri 2022 – $200,000 from BD Health Ventures LLC.

Legal Missouri 2022 – $7,500 from Certified Alternative Medicine Providers LLC.

Legal Missouri 2022 – $30,000 from BeLeaf Medical LLC.

Legal Missouri 2022 – $10,000 from Shangri-La Columbia.

Legal Missouri 2022 – $20,000 from Missouri Health & Wellness LLC.

Legal Missouri 2022 – $25,000 from GRD Columbia LLC.

Missourians for a Responsible Budget – $20,000 from David Steward.

Protect Missouri Freedom – $25,000 from the Missouri Drive Fund.

Protect the Liberty of St. Louis – $15,000 from LIUNA Local 110 PAC Fund.

Protect Missouri Workers PAC – $25,000 from Simmons Hanly Conroy.

House Democratic Campaign Committee – $15,000 from Centene Management Company LLC.

Lathrop Gage Consulting Political Action Committee – $25,000 from LS Power Tomorrow, LLC (East Brunswick, NJ).

Building Jeffco Together – $10,000 from Thomas Industrial Coatings.


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