NANS and NAOSS reprimand PDP leader for insulting Abiodun and ridiculing officials – The Sun Nigeria


The Nigerian National Student Association (NANS), Ogun Joint Campus Committee (JCC) berated Ogun State People’s Democratic Party leader Segun Showunmi for his unsavory comments on Governor Dapo Abiodun.

The students, in a statement jointly signed by NANS State President Damilola Simeon and Ogun State National Student Association (NAOSS) National President Ogunronbi Gbemileke, described Showunmi like a “hypocrite who never saw anything good in people.”

Showunmi said in an online media report that Governor Abiodun was running Ogun as a level 13 official.

But the student bodies in the statement mocked Showunmi, who was the spokesperson for Abubakar Atiku’s presidential campaign organization in the 2019 general election, and accused him of “selling his conscience to the highest bidder.”

“To be frank, constructive and conscientious criticism from a credible source should always be welcomed by the government. However, when criticism presents itself as a business enterprise in order to unscrupulously receive a gratuity, then it must be refuted instantly.

“This is the case with Mr. Segun Showunmi, whose uninformed comments have attracted excessive media attention.

“Coming from an allegedly older statesman who has profited his entire life from the largesse derived from the toil of public officials as dividends from democracy, the statement is not only absurd and improper, it also points to the amnesia.

“We are waiting for the day when he will solicit the voices of state officials, who are ranked among the best in the country, then we will remind our parents of this monumental insult.

“If anyone has to criticize the government, it shouldn’t be Showunmi who is used to speaking both sides of his mouth.

“Indeed, constructive criticism is a fundamental characteristic of democracy and should not be tainted by people whose intention is to increase their diminishing relevance and generate undeserved attention.

“Finally, we hereby call on responsible and worthy people who are not political merchants and wholesalers to issue objective criticism so that we can advance the state of Ogun,” the statement said.

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