Our opinion: Democracy in danger | Editorial

But it is the result of a drumbeat of decades of Tory gossip on AM radio and cable TV with few opportunities to push back or fact-check as well as Republican political efforts to delegitimize the government. democratic government in any form. It is a drumbeat that has influenced its intended targets to prepare to accept – and perpetrate – inevitable political violence on their behalf.

As the protester in the satirical Netflix film “Don’t Look Up” which Is it that looks up and sees the comet the president says is ‘fake news’, we’re still waiting for reality to kick in, independent skeptics to apply Occam’s razor and realize the most likely possibility behind all that is that we are lying to them. We continue to wait.

So are government officials, former Trump associates, academics and historians, all of whom warn of an ongoing Republican plan to wipe out democracy itself – all in the name of protect the democracy.

Some of these academics are now warning that the elections of 2022 or 2024 may be the last we can consider legitimate, if we don’t take action to address the issues now.

To those who, after all this time, still demand that Biden “prove” he won, the independent vote count in every state proves he won – that’s what elections are about. for – as is the case in every other election in American history. The onus is on those who claim otherwise – a task they have consistently failed in recounts, biased audits and the courts. “I can’t believe Joe Biden won” is not a valid point.

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