‘Ozark’ Showrunner Defends the Show’s Punch of an Ending

(Spoiler for ozark will be found below.)

The Netflix juggernaut of Jason Bateman and Julia Garner, ozark careened into a wild, shattering ending, one that not everyone was destined to come out alive for. Shockingly enough, the entire Byrde family was deemed worthy (by the show’s writers) to emerge unscathed, both from a rollover accident and also from law enforcement (even though the goddamn pot cookie jar filled with Ben’s ashes should have let them in). Ruth Langmore, on the other hand, was not so lucky and eventually succumbed to Langmore’s curse. She kind of engineered that ending herself, though we’ve seen poetry in action as she died as she lived.

Showrunner Chris Mundy did the post-mortem thing while previously revealing that spinoff discussions had taken place. In the process, he made it clear that any spinoff would happen in the same universe as ozark proper, which would mean Ruth fans wouldn’t see any alternate timeline follow-ups, and Mundy has now confirmed to TV Line that there’s no way Ruth miraculously survived being shot in the chest. Mundy also touched on that “emotional” ending that matches Ruth’s fate and how that cynical ending matches the way the Byrdes embody capitalism:

Capitalism only works if there is a winner and a loser. And there’s a degree to which the Langmores are going to be the losers in that equation, while someone else builds their fortune. The Byrdes came and rode on the backs of people like the Langmores, and they’re representative of a lot of people. There’s something about it that’s cynical and there’s something about it that’s very, fair, true. So we were trying to write in this truth.

So Ruth is “absolutely” and “totally” dead, confirms Mundy. And the Byrdes got away with it unscathed, even though the camera cut out when Jonah pulled the trigger. In other words, Wendy wasn’t the target of the bullet, but hey, a girl can dream. Now, daydream about the potential spinoff where Jonah runs a cartel from his dorm room: Ozark: The College Years. Well, maybe not!

(Going through TV line)

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