Peasant leader Gurnam Singh Charuni launches new political group “Sanyukt Sangharsh Party”

Chandigarh: With the upcoming elections to the Punjab Assembly, the peasant leader Gurnam Singh Charuni launched on Saturday at the Chandigarh Press Club a new political formation, the “Sanyukt Sangharsh Party”. As part of his Punjab 2022 mission, he wants farmers, workers, traders and the general public to collectively challenge the upcoming elections to oust traditional political parties and their leaders.

“Politics has become polluted. It must be changed. Policy makers who promote capitalism, policies are crafted to favor capitalists. Nothing is done for the common man, the poor. So we are launching our new party, the Sanyukt Sangharsh Party, ”said the head of the BKU.

Churani received an enthusiastic welcome in his home village in Kurukshetra district on Thursday, as he returned home after the farmers’ protest and paid homage to Fateh March to Sri Harmandar Sahib in Amritsar. He also hoisted the flag of BKU (Charuni) in his village with his supporters, according to a report from TOI.

Speaking to TOI on Friday, Charuni said: “I will not contest the Punjab elections, but run candidates for these polls from our party. We will be launching our political party in Chandigarh on Saturday.

Posted: Saturday December 18, 2021 11:54 am IST

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