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Minot, ND – Imagine the level of ego it takes for a politician to stand in front of a group of voters and, after spending half an hour denouncing an almost dystopian vision of America in 2022, tell those voters that the only way to save America is to elect them.

That is precisely what State Rep. Rick Becker did at the climax of a stormy speech at the convention.

America must be saved. Rick Becker, apparently, is the only person who can do this.

It’s been a long and strange journey from Becker’s debut in the legislature a decade ago as a thoughtful, libertarian-minded policymaker to the screaming culture warrior who took center stage in Bismarck today. before the 2,321 accredited Republican delegates.

Along this path, Becker found that a kind of blissful populism was a good way to get attention. It certainly drew a lot of vocal activists to his cause (they booed Senator Cramer when he gave a speech in support of Hoeven’s candidacy).

Today, Becker is the kind of libertarian who thinks only his election to the Senate can save the world.

In the end, NDGOP delegates preferred the known pragmatism of Hoeven’s leadership to Becker’s delusions of being some sort of superman politician who could right the ship.

State Representative Rick Becker delivers a speech to delegates in support of his campaign for the U.S. Senate during the NDGOP 2022 State Convention in Bismarck, North Dakota on April 2, 2022.

Photo by Kyle Martin

That’s likely because Hoeven’s approach is rooted in reality, and Becker’s is rooted in the exaggerated fabulisms that stem from the fever swamps of social media and cable news programs.

Becker had it shut down. Closer than many would have ever imagined. But in the end, he got only 1,037 votes against 1,234 for Hoeven.

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