Reviews | “Venture capitalists will turn into vulture capitalists” and other predictions by Andrew Ross Sorkin

Stocks are falling, inflation is skyrocketing and interest rates are rising – it’s clear that the US economy has been in turmoil. And yet, President Biden says a recession is “not inevitable”. Andrew Ross Sorkin, founder and editor of DealBook at The New York Times, sat down with Kara Swisher to unpack our economic troubles, predict what will happen next, and diagnose what Washington could have done differently.

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In this conversation, they discuss how the pandemic highlighted our economic dependence on China and helped pave the way for both a crypto boom and the bear market that followed. They break down the future of business from Netflix and Disney to Coinbase and Twitter, and discuss whether activist employees will continue to wield power with their employers. And Andrew helps explain why plane tickets are so expensive.

(A full transcript of the episode will be available at noon on the Times website.)

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