Rookie Kavya Thapar says, “You can’t compare to those senior actors whose movies didn’t work!”

Kavya Thapar’s first Hindi film titled Middle-Class Love, directed by Ratnaa Sinha, is set for theatrical release on September 16. It is produced by Anubhav Sinha, Zee Studios and Benaras Media Works. The newspaper of the free press caught up with the newbie for an exclusive interview. Excerpts:

Tell us about your journey.

I did my BMS in 2016. In my senior year, I was contacted by Shanoo Sharma madam at YRF. I got a message for the auditions. I had never been to an institute and learned to watch movies. So I had done the best high energy 1980s heroine ki wali acting. Madam Shanoo called me for a meeting. She told me to take off all the makeup I had done and said, “Itni over mat kiya karo! “. She guided me and told me to work on my craft. I went to workshops and started getting advertisements.

What is middle class love?

It’s an experience we share about a middle-class boy who was raised a certain way and conditioned. He absolutely despises it. He goes through it thinking to change his lifestyle and live the kind of life he wants. Eventually you will know that not everything is working out and that love is something that just happens and there is really nothing you can do about it.

What is the definition of love for you in real life?

For me, the definition of love is that it understands nothing but is everything. If I want to love someone, I don’t need it. You feel right and there are no words that can describe love. It is a feeling that everyone feels with the most depth. Everything else is just on the surface. Love is a pure and honest emotion and God’s emotion to me. I like to be in love and to be loved. I am a loving person too. I can’t define love in one sentence.

What is fame and popularity to you? How are you going to maintain it?

I think fame and popularity won’t always matter too much. I really enjoy it, but I know fame and popularity are the byproduct of it. The reason I became an actor is for my job. I love being an actress. Not everyone understands. As a foreigner, I worked very hard and then received it. You understand that when you’re a wrestler. Luckily I am a Mumbaite and love my home and family here and auditioning in the same city was much easier for me. When I look at other actors who have left their hometown, their comforts and their luxuries to struggle here in the industry…they work so hard leaving the basics of survival and they don’t have such an opportunity. So I consider myself extremely blessed and I say thank you my God.

What was it like working with a female director for the film?

It was amazing. Ratnaa was my first director. She is like my mother. She is talented and clear with her vision. It is extremely crucial that the director not only sees the performance but also the whole picture. As the captain of the ship, she is so easy. She works hard and connects to reality. She is so cool as a director and is very grateful and encouraged us to do our best. She was open and receptive and allowed us to make our own contributions.

Middle-Class Love is a theatrical release. What are your expectations since its cast includes newcomers?

In the end, we took a risk at the very beginning. But we are sure of the history, the direction and the whole of our product. The team is fantastic. We are very confident even though we can’t compare to those senior actors jinki filmein nahin chali. But maybe we are here to make changes.

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