Rubio calls on American businesses to thwart the radical mob, to be patriotic and capitalist, less enlightened and globalist


US Senator Marco Rubio on Monday called on US businesses to, for lack of a better term, put America first.

Addressing the National Conservaism Conference in Orlando, the Florida Republican blasted American businesses for their awakening, their search for the protection of big government and their failure to recognize their commitment to the country that made them flourish. .

“Today, many of our most important societies are run by people who do not see themselves as American citizens, but as citizens of the world,” said Rubio. “They are the product of decades of anti-American indoctrination at our elite universities and they feel no obligation to America or its national interest.”

“I’m not here to tell you that big business is the enemy. But I am here to tell you that big business is not our ally in the fight against socialism.

Rubio, according to a copy of his speech released by his office, said the challenge facing conservatives is to take “the eternal principles and lessons of the past” and apply them now to “chart the right course for our country and our future “.

He began by wresting President Joe Biden from a government far different from what he had promised as a candidate.

Biden, Rubio said, delivered only “chaos and incompetence,” a “historic calamity” to the southern border, a “humiliating and deadly debacle” in Afghanistan, the “skyrocketing price of literally everything. “- and did so as” an enthusiastic agent of division and polarization.

The Democratic president pits Americans against each other not only on race and partisanship, but now on vaccination status, Rubio said.

“There’s a reason candidate Joe Biden hasn’t campaigned on President Joe Biden’s agenda. The reason is that the overwhelming majority of Americans think this program is crazy, ”Rubio continued. “These tactics and this agenda do not reflect the broad will of the Americans. They reflect the long-held fantasies of a small, radical, but powerful number.

Rubio even had a number. He cited a recent study that said it was the program “of about 8% of the country”.

These influential 8%, he added, “believe America is a systematically racist country, with a shameful history and an oppressive free-enterprise capitalist economy,” and are capable of wielding “power beyond that. of their numbers “since they control schools, universities, big tech and big business, media, sport and entertainment industry.

And they are pushing this agenda forward with Marxist tactics, dividing Americans on many fronts, making “everything” – sports, art, culture, even a virus from China – political, and persecuting and by censoring all those who do not agree, argued the senator. .

“For more than a century, these were the tactics used by Marxists to take hold of countless nations and societies around the world. Now these are the tactics used to take control and destroy our country, ”said Rubio.

A major problem now, however, is that “big business is quite” with this thinking, believing that siding with Marxists will protect them, Rubio said.

“But ultimately,” he added, “they all learn that for the Marxist there can be no organization or institution independent of the movement. Everyone, everyone must serve “the revolution”.

Rubio said: “We are not facing a transitional political movement. We are facing a systematic effort to dismantle our culture, our society, our traditions, our economy and our way of life.

“Americans are looking for, and America needs, a conservative movement that defends our culture and values ​​and promotes capitalism. But it must be a job-creating capitalism. American jobs that allow people to get married, own a home, raise a family in a safe neighborhood, retire with dignity and leave their children better than themselves, ”Rubio added.

“For many decades… what was good for American business and good for our country was generally the same. … But the world has changed. And the economy too, ”said Rubio.

And one change, which was “the most dangerous of all,” was that the Chinese Communist Party learned to co-opt American companies to advance its own agenda.

“Rekindling the patriotism of American business,” said Rubio, “this is what we need to focus on.”

One way to restore that is to encourage corporate actions “that are good for America and which are good for Americans,” Rubio said.

Step one: wake up from the boardroom and make corporations legally responsible for “pushing unnecessary and un-American nonsense.”

The nation, Rubio said, also needs a stock market that holds corporations accountable for “pro-American goals, rather than left-wing social engineering or globalist profits.”

For example, companies should put the absence of conflicts of interest on diversity mandates.

“Instead of revealing how much they conform to a radical left-wing environmental agenda, let’s ask companies to tell the public how much they are investing in hiring and training American workers, how many factories or facilities they are opening. in America and let’s disclose when they decide to send American jobs or American factories to another country, ”Rubio added.

“Not so long ago our politics were defined by a choice between conservatives and liberals, or between more government and less government, or higher taxes or lower taxes. Not anymore, ”he said.

“The dividing line in our politics is now between insanity and normal. Between madness and common sense. … [B]Between those who believe that America is a great country but with problems that must be resolved, and those who believe that America is a terrible country that must be demolished and rebuilt as something different.

“Our nation’s past is not perfect and our present is not without challenges. But our story is better than that of others. And despite our problems, tens of millions of people would come here in the blink of an eye if given the opportunity, ”Rubio concluded. “But it is absolute madness to turn to socialism, the economic model of countries where people risk their lives to flee on makeshift rafts.

“The real fight is for a small radical but incredibly powerful minority who want to force everyone to give up common sense built on 5,000 years of human history, erase our culture and traditions, throw away our values ​​and walk away from it. ‘a free enterprise economy that is still the envy of the world.… And the stakes could not be higher.

“Because if they are successful, the damage and destruction they will cause will be almost impossible to repair. And our country will be irreversibly transformed.

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