Saving Democracy: Letters to The Editor of The Fresno Bee, November 21, 2021


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Congressman Jim Costa announces $ 42 million in federal funding for the Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission of the US Department of Health and Human Services, during a press conference with Emilia Reyes, CEO of Fresno EOC.

Congressman Jim Costa announces $ 42 million in federal funding for the Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission of the US Department of Health and Human Services, during a press conference with Emilia Reyes, CEO of Fresno EOC.

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Appeal to Costa to save democracy

I would like to tell Representative Jim Costa that our country is slipping into socialism. You are smart enough to see this and know that it is happening. You could go down in history as a prop to make this happen. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren will wonder what you did to save our democracy.

Do you represent the inhabitants of the 16th arrondissement or your Democratic Party? The parties are an association. The neighborhood has a soul. These are the people you will negatively affect as you help your Democratic associates move – yes, move – toward socialism. You must see it coming. I sincerely hope that you are friends with the truth. Otherwise, this letter means nothing to you.

Please join Sens. (Joe) Manchin and (Kyrsten) Sinema against the radical movement towards socialism that the progressive caucus hears. Consider being a hero in this area, not a follower.

This elderly person wants to work

I regularly listen to KMJ radio. I constantly hear how “nobody wants to work”. I must say that I am someone who wants to work.

Gray hair seems to deter people. I was rejected by five companies. I am over 65, healthy, enthusiastic, intelligent, and a retired federal employee. Seriously, companies don’t want people who look like grandmothers; it’s depressing. I am educated, trained and have been asked so many times if I have received “assistance”. I answer “no” – maybe that is the problem.

Senior person looking to work the holiday season … and no one wants to hire. So please, when you say “nobody wants to work” ….. reconsider what you are saying.

It’s time for schools to restart PTA

Editor Joe Kieta’s recent article caught my eye. What is lacking in today’s education system is a formal and structured way to give voice to all interested parties, parents, teachers, administrators and board members. For years, the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) has offered this opportunity. The PTA’s quarterly open meetings helped educate parents and teachers together on topics such as curriculum, classroom discipline, family life and child development, instruction and classroom decoration. It was the time for the community to come together on behalf of our children and to engage each other in open dialogue with teachers in order to foster a common bond, mutual respect and to resolve education issues.

The PTA provided an educational forum for the community to agree and do what was best for our children through education. The school council of each school allowed teachers, administrators and parents to meet on questions of curriculum, selection of textbooks, subjects to be taught and community needs. Both of these parent-teacher formats were needed and appreciated.

Today I suggest that all schools in the Central Valley lead the way – bring back the PTA.

COVID imposes trampling rights

The vaccination requirements announced by Mayor Dyer for Fresno City employees, as well as those announced for Fresno County Court employees, are full of fundamental flaws.

As libertarians, we oppose coercive measures such as these that result in termination of employment. As scientists, we are familiar with the real world statistics regarding SARS-CoV-2 infections, treatments, and immunity. As biomedical professionals, we are appalled at the lack of consideration for the long-standing bioethical principles of informed consent and the right to refuse. These principles apply both to drugs (including vaccines) and to any medical test.

Research into the efficacy of available vaccines is ongoing, and current academic and clinical literature indicates that vaccines themselves do not prevent transmission. Therefore, the choice to be vaccinated is solely an individual medical decision. Medical decisions should only be made on the advice of a doctor, not a politician or bureaucrat.

We hope that city and county authorities will reverse their decisions to impose coercive and employment-based vaccination warrants. They go against the basic medicine, science and civil rights that form the foundation of our American values. Instead, Fresno officials should choose to lead by example and respect citizens.

Dr Kathryn McElroy, Vice President of the Fresno Libertarian Party and Dr Marybeth Yuskavage, Treasurer of the Fresno Libertarian Party

Let’s fix Roeding Park first

Workshops and meetings are starting to be held on measure P, the 3/8% sales tax to be used for parks.

Roeding Park is a gem in the southern part of town, with plenty of mature trees, wildlife, ponds, and Fresno’s best tennis courts, but it has been neglected for many years despite being heavily used. It is unacceptable.

As the trees are mature, replacements need to be planned, but there has been no new planting for a very long time. The grounds are nice, but there is still a long way to go to reestablish the grass in some areas. And the city needs to renovate picnic areas and washrooms, and provide regular maintenance. And even though City Councilor Miguel Arias has spoken about the need for a more equitable distribution of funds, he appears to be silent on Roeding.

Not a dime should be spent anywhere in Fresno, especially in the north, until the needs of Roeding Park are met. Just because he’s in the south doesn’t mean he should be abandoned. I also love Woodward Park, but let’s show some citywide awareness.

TGV, cycle paths that are worth the wait

Marek Warszawski fights for Fresno against biased external interests and, conversely, stands against entrenched local powers opposed to healthy change, and I appreciate that. But his October 25 article on high-speed rail and local cycle paths is unduly pessimistic about the two projects.

Yes, the high-speed train will be built in slower segments than we’d like, and some would do just as well to unplug. With that kind of attitude, the interstate system would never have been built. But its sponsors wisely chose to build the cheapest rural sections first, and when those sections proved successful, extended highways to cities. The TGV will be built in the same way. Think of the TGV as the smart way to expand the 99 into 10 lanes without pollution and less real traffic on the highway. This dream is worth waiting for, just like the interstate system.

Yes, the Herndon cycle path has a lot of obstacles. But the bike paths in Fresno are, on the whole, quite successful. In 2003, I did not have bike paths to get around. Now I am 90% riding on bike lanes, about 3,000 miles per year.

Both projects are game-changing for Fresno and deserve our continued support.

Why can churches water lawns?

Why does the city allow churches with large lawns to water their grass and sewage? They should not be allowed to water because of the drought. As owners, we are only allowed to water on certain days.

Large company and lack of attention

Too big to care! This is the mindset that seems to permeate big business. I went to my bank this morning and got a 20 minute wait outside, but unfortunately it was not over.

After my wait outside, there was still a 20 minute wait inside. Once there, I saw the problem: two cashiers. The benefits are so great that dealing with these long waits becomes the norm.

Putting us on hold, standing in line, forcing us to wait patiently for the pleasure of the service that we pay you to render us. The profit we bring to you is taken for granted, and we reluctantly provide it, but on your terms. Shame on you all!

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