Secretary of State to Certify Libertarian Candidates, Minus Two Mismatched Senate Candidates – Dakota Free Press

Our friends the libertarians have announced a new revised and reduced list of candidates for the general election:

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota is pleased to announce the certification of our candidates for the 2022 election cycle. By SDCL 12-5-25 and 12-5-21 we are authorized to nominate our candidates to our convention of state recently held on April 23 at the Cedar Shore Resort and Conference Center in Oacoma SD. Our nominees this year are:

  • Tracey Quint – Governor
    Works as an outreach coordinator at a local nonprofit and lives in Sioux Falls.
  • Ashley Strand – Lieutenant Governor
    Nurse’s Aid and lives in Rapid City
  • Collin Duprel – United States House of Representatives
    Vale/Sturgis area cattle rancher
  • Tamara J Lesnar – United States Senate
    Grenville Small Business Owner
  • René Meyer – State Auditor
    Hartford Realtor
  • Kurt Evans – Secretary of State
    Washington Springs teacher
  • Sean Natchke – District 29 State House
    Sturgis Pilot and Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Darren Freidel – District 33 State Senate
    Summerset Cybersecurity Engineer

We are happy that Libertarians can once again be an alternative voice and choice for voters across South Dakota! [Libertarian Party of South Dakota, press release, 2022.05.06]

LP Chairman Greg Baldwin said the Secretary of State had abandoned his misreading of the law on the deadline for an alternative party like the Libertarians to certify its candidates after the convention and the concerns raised by the way devious as their original certification letter borrowed from the United States. Postal service. Baldwin says the secretary noticed that the original list of candidates had three errors:

  • Baldwin was appointed to the Senate for District 17, but his Wakonda address appears to have been moved by the Schoenbeck Sparrow map to District 16.
  • Chandler Losing was nominated for the District 6 Senate, but apparently Losing’s address is not in the new District 6 on the Sparrow map.
  • Darren Freidel’s name was misspelled on the original letter submitted to the Secretary of State. (German note: since it is Freidel and not friedelpresumably it’s pronounced /fry-del/, not /free-del/ — pronounce the second vowel!)

The Secretary of State graciously authorized the Libertarians to correct the spelling of Freidel’s name; however, since the convention specifically named Baldwin and Losing for Districts 17 and 6, respectively, the secretary cannot simply cross out numbers and name them for entirely different races. If the Libertarians want to put Baldwin and Losing on the Senate ballot, they will have to meet again and reappoint them for the correct districts and certify those appointments to the Secretary of State by August 9.

But the statewide slate of Libertarian candidates remains intact, and all South Dakota voters will see Ls on their ballots in November.

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