Slavery has a new name: capitalism

By Carlton Ishmael

There is a common thought that since the abolition of slavery there is no more forced labor and that we are and have become an independent people. Our former owners no longer use the whip to determine the outcome of our worth and we don’t have to conform or dictate how we live our lives or conduct ourselves.

We seem to have forgotten or not been informed that there is what is called “economic slavery”. Our upbringing, our laws and our social habits have all been designed to make us the product of a system that has been with us; and over four hundred years of indoctrination and calculated methods to train our minds to automatically respond to life in a particular way.

So, from our food to our clothes to our achievements, they are and have all been tailored to achieve a goal.

Today, although there is a perceived ‘freedom’, we are still very dependent on the proverbial ‘teachings of the master’. We can’t dress ourselves if our clothes aren’t imported, we can’t drive a vehicle if we don’t get the maximum amount of fuel or the best but most expensive parts from our suppliers. Now, even the food we eat is highly dependent on external sources, and the list goes on and on.

To be qualified or accepted in certain social circles, we have to go to the targeted schools, to obtain justice or any other type of legal service you need to relate to specific procedures. In other words, you have to pay the piper because nothing gets done without the acceptance of the authorities who dictate how and where and which module you should use. You can’t even build your house without compliance.

The old slave masters are gone but they left a system by which we must be controlled. Today you hear about the cost of living, every form of utility or service needed has a cost – and whatever your perceived freedom, you have no choice but to comply or be considered to be operating outside the law and that makes you an enemy of the state.

If food prices go up, you have to accept, if building materials go up, you cannot oppose it. If the price of fuel goes up, there is nothing you can do and if you choose to rebel, you risk getting into trouble and becoming the subject of talk and being harshly criticized for your attitude.

So how much freedom have we gained? How much more can we be slaves? Who said slavery was abolished? Who said we were free people?

Most people look to the government of the day to ease the burden, but they too must play ball or risk losing support from the system. There are countries that have been deemed rebellious, like Cuba, and they have lifetime embargoes. The slave masters (or better yet our European captors) still dictate the freedom of mankind. The true story has never been told and their true colors have never been revealed and their benefits from the slave trade have never been closely examined.

Nothing has changed. We are as slaves today as we were yesterday, we just don’t know it because slavery is now called by a new name: capitalism.

We will and always will be subject to dictates. We cannot operate of our own free will, even your body no longer belongs to you to do what you want with it, hence the imperative to get vaccinated. The state (and by extension our masters) still have us under their control, as intended, but the freedom you claim to have is not given, only sometimes tolerated.

Under the circumstances, I’m still waiting for an apology from the former slave owners for their barbaric actions and the compensation needed to make things right, but until then, it’s mem bet, mem pwel! (Same birds with like feathers!)

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