Star Tribune provides insight into Institute Conversation on Student Debt – St. Olaf College


Music teacher Justin Merritt

Prior to leading the St. Olaf College Institute for Freedom & Community’s October 20 Virtual Conversation with Elizabeth Shermer, music teacher Justin Merritt wrote a editorial for the Star Tribune arguing that the credit bubble produced the national student debt crisis.

Merritt, a member of the Director’s Council of the Institute for Freedom & Community, will welcome Shermer to Event titled “Contract Students – Higher Education and the Student Loan Crisis”. Shermer is a professor of history at Loyola University in Chicago and teaches courses in labor, capitalism, and politics. She has written on these topics in editorials, academic articles, and scholarly books, including Sunbelt capitalism, Law and work, and Students under contract.

Elizabeth Tandy Shermer
Elizabeth Tandy Shermer

St. Olaf is one of a number of institutions across the country that meet all the demonstrated financial needs of all admitted students. More information on the College’s commitment to making education affordable is available here.

Shermer’s conversation with the community of St. Olaf is part of the Institute for Freedom and Community’s fall theme on “Capitalism, Freedom and Community”. It will start at 7 p.m. and will be broadcast live and archived online. Registration is encouraged but not required.

The Institute for Freedom & Community’s fall series will conclude with a conversation about November 3 with Georgetown University history professor Michael Kazin on “Moral Capitalism in the Democratic Party”.

Established in St. Olaf in 2014, the Institute for Freedom and Community promotes open inquiry and constructive debate on important political and social issues among students, faculty and the general public. To this end, the Institute sponsors a range of programming opportunities, in addition to the lecture series, to further cultivate civil discourse in the context of the liberal arts. Subscribe to the InstituteYoutube channel, follow the Institute on Twitter, or subscribe to quarterly report to receive regular updates and information on the Institute’s programming.

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