The Avenue de l’Indépendance bridge is finally looking to be redeveloped

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The infamous Independence Avenue Bridge in Kansas City, Missouri, has been the scene of constant accidents due to its low clearance and may be in the process of a safety redesign.

Do Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and KCMO Public Works have the ‘juice’ to usurp the title of the warmly dubbed ‘undefeated’ bridge? Many trucks came but few won.

The bridge is at the center of a subway-wide joke, but the city is now starting to take the situation seriously.

The question of possible solutions is still an open discussion at this point, but the city is looking into everything. From low cost solutions, including various panels, to major construction.

This goes to show how the 12 foot clearance has caused a major problem.

Construction equipment often acts as dental floss for the jaws of the Independence Avenue bridge, dislodging heavy machinery as drivers overlook height restrictions.

A video from last week shows the overpass coming off a truck roof, and everyone has a story.

“Well, I saw a few trucks. I think they misunderstand the height of the bridge and think it will fit,” said nearby resident Carlos Smith.

“I came out and saw a truck leaning in there, which tripped us up a bit, but I heard they had one recently,” Smith said.

Smith also found some humor in the situation.

“They teach you that at the CDL school. I went to CDL school myself so I know not to come this way,” Smith said.

Although schadenfreude, the enjoyment of other people’s misfortune, translates well to Kansas City merch, which prides itself on pain.

“It’s still going strong after I don’t even know how many trucks hit it,” said Georgie Bee, manager of RAYGUN Kansas City Crossroads.

The store has shirts celebrating the unofficial monument that gained meme status, and it’s one of their best sellers.

“It’s the gift that keeps on giving because it happens so often,” Bee said of the crashes.

“It kind of became iconic in an infamous light because of how much it really rips other trucks and stuff. I mean, it says 12 feet,” Bee said.

“They say like a car accident, you can’t look away, which, you know, causes setbacks and all that’s good – I mean – I say good things, but you know what I’m mean,” Bee said.

Even KCPD and Lucas are indulging in social media jokes, but the time for that might be ending.

Lucas recently indicated that Public Works is working to resolve the crash issue.

He tweeted Thursday: “While the Independence Avenue Bridge is still the undisputed champion, it is important for public safety and commuters to seek solutions that will prevent future truck-bridge collisions. Look for Public Works in the coming weeks for suggestions on how we can improve security. »

Many agree that it is overdue.

“They have to do something about this intersection, as famous and as funny as these t-shirts are,” said RAYGUN customer Jean-Paul Chaurand.

“We saw a few crashes there,” he added. “Half of the truck was kind of torn apart from the front part. This intersection is quite dangerous,” Chaurand said.

Carlos Smith also shared his thoughts on what he thinks continues to cause these incidents.

“I think they’re not really paying attention, and I think they’re forgetting the height of the actual trailer and thinking it’s just going to fit by chance, and it really isn’t,” said Smith.

“I don’t know why they are doing this. I mean, it’s really risky and you’ll lose your job by smashing a truck. I don’t think you will get yours. You’ll have to find another company,” Smith said.

The bridge itself does not belong to the city. Instead, it belongs to the Kansas City Terminal Railroad. Thus, any major overhaul would require some level of coordination.

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