The Dems lead ANYBODY in two congressional races. Why?

Qualifying for the fall federal midterm elections ended last week with no Democratic candidates in two congressional district races. Why? LSU political science professor Robert Hogan said Mike Johnson of District 4 had just been re-elected, having drawn NO opponents; Democrat or whatever. In District 6, Garret Graves has two challengers; a republican and a libertarian. Hogan says they are both VERY conservative neighborhoods.

“A Democrat is very unlikely to run in a heavily Republican riding because he recognizes that his chances are very low,” Hogan says.

Hogan believes that Louisiana has gerrymander districts to ensure GOP dominance in all but one; the state-mandated minority-majority District 2. However, he says D4 and D6 representatives have worked very hard for the people back home.

“It also says something about the members of Congress who represent these districts. Johnson and Graves spend an enormous amount of time responding to constituents’ needs and concerns, to satisfy them. »

Hogan says very little well known Louisiana Democrats sought to run for Congress. Many are relative unknowns. He says it’s not good for the Democrats’ future efforts.

“The bench isn’t very deep for Democrats, and that doesn’t bode well for Democrats for a statewide term in the 2023 election.”

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