This time Javier Milei’s draw was won by a libertarian: ‘He played on our side’

The new right-wing MP Javier Milei, drew lots on Thursday for his second salary as a legislator. On this occasion, the raffle was won by Jonatan Lewczuk, an audiovisual producer who works for the town hall.

Like some Pro leaders, Lewczuk sympathizes with Milei’s ideas. “I’m following you till you die,” he told her when the deputy called to let him know he had won the award.

“This time I’m playing on our side,” Milei told reporters. The winner will win the sum of 369,828.99 pesos.

Note that a month ago, Federico Nacardo won the first draw orchestrated by Milei. Far from having sympathy for the far-right leader, Nacardo had entered the competition at the insistence of his partner and assured that he would use much of the money to pay off his debts.. “We will continue to feed the financial system,” he concluded on this occasion, in front of a dumbfounded Milei.

Private data for sale?

After the existing doubts about the management and protection of personal data requested by the economist to be able to register for his draw, a few weeks ago an anonymous user assured to put the sell the database of over a million participants on an Internet forum, allegedly by hackers, in exchange for a little more than 10 thousand dollars.

The protagonist of the new chapter of the novel by the Avanza Libertad legislator is “H4ck3rArgentino”, a user who at 3 a.m. Wednesday put up for sale “Argentina MP Milei Database” (database of the Argentinian deputy Milei): according to what he assured, the identity and the number of the candidate, the names and surnames, the email and the document number of all the people who registered. That is to say, 1,040,622 people, according to the message published in the same forum that a few days ago published the sale of data from the National Registry of People (ReNaPer). The alleged data package is offered in exchange for $10,500.

Assured Computer Security Industry Sources page 12 that the alleged leak generates a series of doubts. On the one hand, the cost per user requested was too high and the user making the offer was created just hours before publication.

The draw generated National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data open a process to investigate whether the organization has taken measures to guarantee the confidentiality of participants’ data, as well as to determine whether there has been a violation of Law 25,326 on the Protection of Personal Data.

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