Today in B2B: How digital-first CFOs are using data

Today, in B2B payments, Tipalty is adding collaboration features on supplier invoices to its platform, and instant payment is becoming a recruiting tool to attract the best freelancers. Additionally, Codat raises $100 million in a Series C investment round and Hello Pay is rolling out a suite of enterprise solutions products for SMEs in the EMEA region.

Instant payment becomes an essential tool in the war for freelance talent

Businesses’ outdated payment systems can run into delays and errors that can quickly lead to financial hardship for employees. And for freelancers and contractors, these issues tend to be more common, according to “Expanding Payments Choice,” a collaboration between PYMNTS and Onbe.

This is particularly troubling for workers who lack the benefits of full-time staff and are entirely dependent on timely payments for their livelihood. By giving them access to their salary as soon as it is earned, and thus helping to deal with their potential financial difficulties, digital payments could significantly influence employment decisions and retention.

Razer Fintech Adds PT E2Pay Global Utama for Indonesia Expansion

Razer Fintech, the fintech arm of the gamer-focused brand Razer, has acquired Indonesian B2B2C digital payments facilitator PT E2Pay Global Utama, expanding its offline-to-online (O2O) digital payments network in Indonesia, according to a report. press release of Wednesday, June 8.

E2Pay offers payment gateway, e-money and remittance service licenses to merchants and financial institutions in Indonesia, complementing Razer Merchant Services, the regional business-to-business (B2B) arm of Razer Fintech, to facilitate cross-border payments for its 60,000 merchants.

Hello Pay launches a business solutions package for SMEs in the EMEA region

Hello Pay has launched a suite of business solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs that will enable growth, reduce costs and increase their financial access, according to a Financial IT report Wednesday, June 8.

Hello Pay’s SoftPOS offering allows users to process payments, access daily automatic reconciliation, and activate and control multiple devices with one account. Hello Pay is also launching its Business Solution to enrich its SME offering, enabling merchants to access loans, business cover, armed response and more.

Digitally-focused CFOs turn day-to-day data into business-changing insights

With the amount of data generated by subscription services, the biggest challenge for a chief financial officer (CFO) is getting the data, reporting it, and identifying actionable insights that can be shared with partners. commercial.

“I think CFO is a role where you kind of have to lay the groundwork – whether it’s compliance, payments or reporting – and then use that as a way of working to support the other business initiatives – whether on the product, marketing or engineering side – and be a supporting partner to help them achieve their goals, which, in turn, will help the company achieve its own,” said Tom Fuelling, CFO of TuneIn, to PYMNTS.

In his role at the audio subscription service, which he joined in May after more than 25 years of experience at other media and technology companies, one of Fuelling’s goals will be to ensure that there is visibility on the company. This means keeping a close eye on metrics such as usage, hours listened to, ads, devices used, churn, and prices.

JPMorgan, Shopify, Plaid invest in small business API firm Codat

Codat, a universal application programming interface (API) for small business data, has raised $100 million in a Series C investment that will help build and strengthen critical infrastructure, according to a press release from the Wednesday, June 8.

JP Morgan Growth Equity Partners led the Series C round, which also saw participation from Shopify, Canapi Ventures and Plaid, among others. As part of this investment, Patrick McGoldrick, partner at JP Morgan Growth Equity Partners, will also join Codat’s board of directors.

The upgraded infrastructure will help Codat become the default way to share data for the small business economy, depending on the release. Codat’s API is used by software as a service (SaaS), lending and payment companies to build products for small businesses, including neobanks that do cash forecasting and payment providers that are creating new methods of synchronizing accounting software.

Tipalti adds collaboration features on AP invoices

On Wednesday, June 8, global payment platform Tipalti launched Bill Talk and Bill Docs in its accounts payable automation solution to streamline invoice approvals, according to a company press release.

Buyers and approvers can now collaborate more easily and invoices are ready for audit faster, which speeds up the approval cycle, the press release said.

Bill Talk and Bill Docs allow Buyers, Accounts Payable staff and Trade Approvers to “work directly with each other on the invoice by exchanging questions and comments and attaching documents in Tipalti, all without the need to connect,” according to the press release.



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