Trump tears Democrats, media apart on January 6 anniversary

Old President TrumpDonald Trump Jan. The 6 brings together the Democrats and Cheneys – the GOP being absent most of the time. ProPublica reporter says movement to target government political opponents increased before Jan 6 attack Briahna Joy Gray: Biden to ‘pay the piper’ for his mid-term inaction MORE Friday issued a strong rebuke against Democrats and the media a day after the anniversary of the Jan.6 riot on the U.S. Capitol, accusing its critics of using the assault as a political wedge, while downplaying the importance of the most violent day on the Capitol in centuries.

In a lengthy statement released through his PAC leadership, Trump sought to exploit the grievances of his conservative voter base, making Democrats and the “media establishment” nothing less than a sinister force that had “pushed our country into the ground”.

“These radical leftists in Washington don’t care ANYTHING about American democracy,” Trump said. “All they care about is control over you, and the wealth and the riches for themselves. “

“But they fail. No one believes them anymore, ”he added. “And the day is quickly approaching when they will be massively rejected from power. “

The remarks came a day after lawmakers, led by Democrats, gathered in Washington to commemorate the January 6, 2020 anniversary, when a crowd of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol as the Congress met to certify President BidenJoe Biden Biden Hopes for Significant Jobs on Friday Jan.6 Brings Democrats and Cheneys Together – With GOP Almost Absent Balance / Sustainability – Climate, Democratic Emergencies Indivisible MOREthe victory of the Electoral College.

Five people, including a Capitol police officer, died in the riot. The assault also prompted the House to impeach Trump for his role in inciting the attack.

Before the chaos on Capitol Hill, Trump urged his supporters to “fight like hell” if he challenged the election results.

Ten Republicans supported Trump’s impeachment in the House and seven voted to convict the president in the Senate trial. But the Senate is well short of the 67 votes needed for a conviction.

Since then, Trump’s grip on his own party has strengthened and he is flirting with a candidacy for re-election in 2024.

Republicans also have high hopes of winning back majorities in the House and Senate in this year’s midterm election. Trump and Jan.6 are likely to be problems both in the GOP primaries and in this fall’s general election.

Trump’s remarks on Friday also came after he canceled a press conference scheduled for Thursday in which he was to repeat his false claims about the 2020 election and criticize the work of the House select committee to investigate the riot January 6.

The former president’s remarks made no mention of the violence committed by the rioters. Instead, he blamed the Speaker of the House Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi Jan. 6 unites Democrats and Cheneys – with GOP almost absent One year later: a lesson Three in four voters support ban on lawmakers from trading in stocks: MORE poll (D-Calif.) For the chaos that day, calling the events of January 6 a “security failure led by Pelosi on Capitol Hill.”

Trump also accused Democrats of using the January 6 riot as a pretext to clamp down on free speech and censor critics. He also hammered home the Democrats’ efforts to push through sweeping electoral reforms, accusing them of pursuing such measures in order to consolidate their ruling majorities.

“The reason Democrats are doing all of this isn’t because they think they’ll win a fair and honest election,” Trump said. “It’s because they know they’re going to LOSE a massive one.”

Democrats called electoral reform efforts necessary to tackle restrictive new election laws that Republican legislatures in several states passed in the wake of the 2020 election and Trump’s baseless claim he made. steal a second term in the White House through widespread electoral fraud. .

Well over a year after his loss to Biden, Trump has clung to the misconception that the 2020 election was rigged against him. There is no evidence that the 2020 elections were marred by electoral fraud or widespread embezzlement. Multiple state-level election audits and reviews have found no evidence for Trump’s claims.

Yet Trump’s claim that the election was stolen from him has caught on among many Republicans. A poll released by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst late last month found that nearly three-quarters of Republicans doubt the legitimacy of Biden’s election victory.

Polls also suggest a deep division in the United States over what happened on January 6 and how to interpret the violent incident.

In his remarks on Friday, Trump brushed aside criticism that he sought to weaken American democracy by rejecting election results.

“Remember, I’m not the one trying to undermine American democracy,” he said. “I am the one trying to SAVE American democracy.”

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