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If compliance is the measure, then the vaccination mandates imposed on state and city workers have been successful. More than 90% of people employed by the Washington State government or the city of Seattle are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, and many more are in the process of complying with this requirement.

Yet 1,887 state employees, from the Capitol janitor to the Washington State University football coach, have resigned or been fired because they refused to comply with the mandate. This willingness to give up a good job rather than get shot in the arm is both mysterious and fascinating.

How many of these now unemployed people have been swayed by the anti-vaccine political machinations of various Republican leaders and the paranoid rants of conservative television commentators? How many have been frightened by the disrespect of the deceptive pseudoscience sold by activists deeply suspicious of the big pharmaceutical companies? How many devout libertarians who just don’t want a government to tell them what to do, even if it’s good for them and their communities?

Delusional? Principles ? Stubborn? Independent? Courageous? Danger to themselves and others? Which characterization best fits these people? One description is clearly correct: a small minority.

The overwhelming majority of state and municipal employees did the right thing; they got vaccinated. A lot of them did it because it was the rational thing to do. They didn’t want to get sick or hurt others. However, many of those who are compliant did so reluctantly and only because they did not want to lose their jobs.

This is why a mandate was necessary, even if it pushed some resistance fighters into the line of unemployment.

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