Who was Arturo Betancourt and what was his cause of death? President of PRODAVIC deceased and obituary

Who was Arturo Betancourt and what was his cause of death? President of PRODAVIC deceased and obituary: It is very difficult to accept the disappearance of a leader who is still thinking about the advantages of the state or the country. With a heavy heart, we share the passing news of Arturo Betancourt. He was the current president of Know God in Baseball Basis. The report concluding his disappearance was published on Thursday, January 6, 2022. Amid the sad news, those who knew him took their accounts on social networks to pay tribute to the president of RRODAVIC. In this blog, we cover all the details that we have gathered so far. Follow more update on GetIndiaNews.com

Who was Arturo Betancourt?

Arturo Betancourt aka Simon Arturo Betancourt was the current president of Know God in Baseball Basis, whose purpose was to use baseball and multiple choices to serve God and his abilities for the redemption of the lost and the development of healthy church structures. . After serving in several local churches as available, he has served for over 15 years because the Dominican Republic director is the mission base of the global missionary enterprise meet God. Likewise, he has experience with computer science and makes a profession of academic expertise. Apart from that, he was also a producer and delivered several different media works.

Cause of death of Arturo Betancourt

Arturo Betancourt’s death was confirmed on Thursday, January 6, 2022. Although official reports on the cause of his death have not been disclosed at this time. Betancourt’s disappearance is a mystery. Many agree that death should be recognized with issues of illness or well-being, but the official statement has yet to be released.

How rich was Arturo Betancourt? Net worth details

While it is difficult to determine his exact net worth, the estimate is that Betancourt could have a net worth of nearly $ 1 million.

Arturo Betancourt Spouse

Arturo Betancourt was a married man; he tied the wedding knot with Rosanny Salas. The couple share 2 wonderful children named Arthur Isai and Simon Sales. Specific information on the marriage was not made available on the web.

Arturo Betancourt Age and children

The president of PRODAVIC. Arturo Betancourt was 44 years old at the time of his disappearance. He was born in Hato Mayor del Rey, Dominican Republic on October 25, 1977. Additionally, Betancourt has yet to be adopted on the official Wikipedia page. Although there are many other sources online to learn more about him. He was, however, a graduate of the Latin American Bible School and was an authorized leader by the Bible Institute for Growth in Management (BILDF).

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