Why Karl Marx Had Problems With Religion

Because all good things seemingly end in tragically ironic reversals, we must now take a look at the global regimes inspired by what began as Karl Marx’s rather sensible slogan “Treat the workers better”. While Marx never devised a coherent, blow-by-blow plan for an actual governmental system, others took his theories and followed them. They brandished the term “communist” which Marx deployed in 1848 when he published “The Communist Manifesto” (via the Conversation).

Vladimir Lenin was the first to try to put Marx’s ideas into practice. After a brief seven-year period of peace following the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Lenin gave way to absolute tyrant and mass murderer Joseph Stalin in 1924, as Story recount. Stalin spearheaded the 70-year existence of the Soviet Union, which eventually spawned other nations and communist dictators like Mao Zedong in China, Kim Jong Il in North Korea, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and many others, such as Vintage News broad outlines. These men were responsible for untold suffering and millions upon millions of deaths, and all claimed to act in the interests of protecting the lower working class members of society.

And all these diets? They were at least atheists, and sometimes anti-religious, like the the wall street journal discuss. Each of them substituted for the divine a single, charismatic, god-like leader who took on the same role. Such is apparently the ultimately sad, horrible and unintended consequence of, as Marx might put it, taking the opium away from the people.

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