Wisconsin GOP election investigator calls on Republican who criticized him to step down

Michael Gableman, the former Wisconsin state Supreme Court justice leading the Wisconsin legislature’s Trumpified inquiry into the 2020 election, is calling on the only elected Republican who criticized him to step down.

State Senator Kathy Bernier (right), a member of the House’s Republican leadership and chair of the Senate Elections Committee, said last month that Gableman’s investigation was going nowhere and suggested that it was a threat to democracy.

“My advice would be to ask Mr. Gableman to wrap up as soon as possible, because the longer we hold this on, the more we’re going to hurt Republicans,” she said, speaking to a panel alongside Election experts, including prominent Republican lawyer Ben Ginsberg, who also criticized Trump-inspired efforts to continually revisit the last election.

Bernier also described “this constant drumbeat of all ‘massive electoral fraud'” as “a farce.”

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But it was another comment that caught Gableman’s attention: Bernier said she would carry a concealed weapons license with her when she went to see Gableman speaking in public because her investigation “continues to brighten up people who think they know what they’re talking about, and they don’t.

Gableman responded to Bernier last week during a speech at a Republican event in his home county.

“If you are an elected official and you are so afraid of your constituents that you think you have to bring a gun to see them, you should take a close look at what you have done,” he said. to the Chippewa County Republican Party.

“And then, frankly, resign,” he added.

Video of the event was first reported by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

“He’s the last person on Earth who should call for anyone’s resignation,” Bernier retorted in comments to the newspaper.

Gableman has made a habit of appearing at Republican events while conducting his investigation, including one in which he supported Republican gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch. He aligned himself with the real voters, using state funds to visit the “audit” in Arizona as well as the “Cyber ​​Symposium” of MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell. His investigation has apparently intensified in recent weeks, with threats of imprisonment from mayors of major Democratic cities.

“As a warning, I’m about to start spending more money,” Gableman said at the Republican event last week.

Bernier, herself a former clerk, hasn’t always criticized efforts to investigate the 2020 election. When the state legislature hired two former police officers to investigate, she celebrated.

“It’s good!” she wrote on Twitter. “If there is nothing to see here, that’s fine, but if there is, then we should specifically address the issues.”

Asked this month about the apparent shift in perspective from TPM’s Matt Shuham, she replied that the due diligence had been done – and it was time to move on.

“The evidence is quite clear, and is quite clear, that there is no organized electoral fraud,” she said. “We now have enough evidence to prove that we can have a lot of confidence in our election. “

“We must move forward for the greater good,” she added.

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